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When I first heard of an underground city dating back to the Sassanid era (nearly 1500 years ago), it sounded almost impossible to me. I mean yes it can be possible at the moment but to think how the air conditioning worked in 1500 years ago or for what reason would people wanted to live underground got me thinking a lot. These question and the astonishing photos I saw from Noushabad underground city made me travel to Kashan to get my answers.

Noushabad underground city is very crucial in the Iran tourism industry and attracts many visitors yearly. Do not forget to try “Anooshe” the traditional Noushabad coffee on your visit.

Here’s what I found out about Noushabad's underground city.

When was the underground city of Noushabad discovered and where does its name come from?

It wasn't until 15 years ago that Noushabad underground city was discovered. The archeologists believe that the construction of this Underground city date back to 1500 years ago.

Noushabad in English means the city of drinkable water and has a very interesting story behind it. In ancient times, a Sassanid king was passing this land and drinks water from one of its wells finding out the water is drinkable and indeed cold and clean. He then orders to build a city around this well and calls it Noushabad.     


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Why was the Noushabad underground city built?

Noushabad underground city was built to protect people from the Mongol invasion. It consisted of several entrances some in the personal houses and some in the famous gathering places, consisting of three floors and 18 meters under the ground, the Noushabad underground city was a shelter that people hid in, at the times of war. They could stay there for several days without the need for outside air thanks to the expert air conditioning system at that time.

To protect the inhabitants fully, soldiers dug deep holes in the middle of the halls and cover them so if anyone who is not aware of them passed that hall, he would fall. Other intelligent tricks used as an ambush on the enemies were Man-holes, optical illusions, obstacles, and forked paths.

If you had the chance to visit Noushabad underground city in your Iran travel, you would be amazed by the architecture of this site. In every room, you can find a well for freshwater and canals for fresh air.


What are the nearest visiting sights to the Noushabad underground city?

As mentioned above, the underground city of Noushabad is located in Kashan, Isfahan province. If you want to visit Noushabad with an Iran tour, most probably your Iran travel company would arrange your accommodation in Kashan. So you can visit Kashan's most famous visiting sights like Abyaneh, Borujerdi House, and Fin Garden.

Noushabad underground city opening hours and entrance fees

You can visit Noushabad underground city every day from 9 am till before the evening call for prayers.

The entrance fee is 60,000 Rials for Iranian visitors and 200,000 Rials for foreigners.

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