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Visit Iran for majestic unique the mountain in the world. On the way from Zanjan to Tabriz, you can see some scenery that will make you. We make your best of Iran tours with our twenty years’ experience. Aladaghlar Mountains or colorful mountains truly seems more like a painting poster and hallucination than reality. History of Iran says with over millions of years, the different minerals in these stones have become oxidized. That’s why you will see an incredible view of God's power.

Colorful mountains are one of the most beautiful natural landscapes of Zanjan province. These landscapes are so rare and strange that we sometimes think we are seeing the scenery from one planet to another in the Solar System and colors are playing with your eyes. Or do you imagine walking in the nature of the US state of Texas, as Cinema Director Salvor says.

The colors of red, brown, green, orange, yellow and white stare at the human eye. Imagine a colorful Hariri on the floor. Near these mountains and hills, there are numerous villages and settlements, the playfulness of the beautiful nature with its eye-catching riches and riches to the inhabitants of these areas and the colorful soil used in the mud of the wall. Homes confirm this. Many people in our country and foreign tourists are unaware of such a unique, beautiful nature.

The Aldagar Lar, or the colorful mountains, showcased the rainbow on the ground so that everyone could see the peak of the artist in the splendor of nature . The colorful mountains, each with its own unique wonders, stare at the vast expanse of soil and the presence of colors such as red, brown, green, orange, yellow and white for the human eye.

If you want to see nature as it is, go to Zanjan to see the rainbow lying on the ground. On the way from Zanjan to Mahneshan city on both sides of the road, the colorful mountains are glittering. If your route to this region is unmatched by Iran, you must have seen the mountains and the colorful hills or Aladagh Lar.

Near these mountains and hills, there are numerous villages and settlements, the playfulness of the beautiful nature with its eye-catching riches and riches to the inhabitants of these areas and the colorful soil used in the mud of the wall. Homes confirm this.

These colored mountains and clay hills are particularly red, brown, green, yellow, white and orange due to their color, especially in light conditions, especially after a low rainfall that slightly soaks the soils with beautiful contrast. It is ideal for photographers, filmmakers and nature lovers.

Aladagh Lar can be considered as a suitable area for natural tourism development in Zanjan province and this, along with other tourist attractions of Mahnashan city, plays an important role in Mahnshan city tourism development.

There are many traditions about the name of Mahneshan area. Some of these narratives suggest that due to their long antiquity and traces of Median life in this area, their native name was given to the area, which has become a moon over time.

Other traditions also indicate that the moon region is known for its grapes and may first be called Nishan Noah and has become the moon over time. The Sassanid era antiquities and antiquities of the castle are a good proof of the age of residence in this area.

Mahnesh is one of the cities of Zanjan province. Maheshan city is the center of this city. The city is located 2 kilometers west of Zanjan. The highest part of this city is Mount Belqis, 3 meters high.

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Zanjan's colorful mountains, also known as the Aladagh Lar Mahneshan Mountains, are one of the most beautiful and fascinating natural attractions of Iran, located in Zanjan Province, near Mahneshan and Mianeh counties. The colorful mountains of Aladagh Lar have created a special rainbow effect on the ground that creates a spectacular view. In this mountain, the colors of red, green, brown, orange, yellow and white are so beautiful that they remind us of the solar system at a glance.

Among the colorful mountains of Aladagh Lar there are several villages and they have a special effect due to the use of red soil in the preparation of village houses. In addition to the colors used in these Aladagh Mountains of the Middle Lar, it has created a wonderful photography subject that draws many photographers and filmmakers to the city of Mahonshan and Middle.

کوه های آلاداغ لار زنجان ، جلوه ویژه از رنگین کمان

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Although it is a pleasure to see the mountains from afar, we suggest taking an hour to visit this unique natural attraction. Although such a unique natural attraction is located in our country, most people are unaware of the existence of this dormant rainbow in the soil. There are only a few exterior specimens from the Aladagh Lar Mountains, which has increased the likelihood of a global record of this natural attraction in Zanjan province. On the Zanjan Tour you can visit the colorful aladagar laurel mountains and enjoy the beauties of it.

Address of Aladagh Lar Mountains: Zanjan Province, 2km from Zanjan, Mahneshan County