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As we mentioned about important points of traveling to Iran in our Iran travel guide article and because of many UNESCO heritage sites that Iran has, in this article as a sequel we are about to explain more points and Iran’s best tours.

Important points before traveling to Iran

1-    Choose correct season and check Iran calendar, because there are some holidays that all tourist sites are closed

2-    Choose a good agent to give you 24 hours support and correct advice

3-    Check your hotel locations to save your time

4-    If you are vegetarian don’t forget to inform your company before

5-    You need cash money when you are traveling to Iran because credit cards are not working here.

6-    Note about your purpose of the trip, the cities you want to visit in your Iran travel can be different for different goals. Historical and culture, camping and Eco tour, exciting and adventure, religion, Nomad and traditional, business, healthcare, Etc.

7- Ask your agent to give you all information and services or itinerary clearly

8-    If you want to travel to Iran and the weather is important for you, should know Iran is a four-season country and there are two high seasons because of good weather, the first one starts from mid of MARCH until JUN and second one starts from the end of AUG until mid of DEC.

9- If you have plans for a trip to Iran, you should already know about our northern and southern neighbors, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Iran’s weather is more moderate in comparison to our neighbors. For example, our winters aren’t as freezing as Russia and our summers not as boiling hot as UAE. As a four-season country in Iran, you can ski in International ski resorts of capital in the middle of snow and go to the seventh biggest desert in the world and feel the warmth of the sun on your face at the same time. 

10- You must note that alcohol is forbidden in Iran, and we recommend you not to search for it because it’s illegal but if you really need one, some hotels give alcohol drink to their foreigner passengers.

11- In Iran, Thursday and Friday are weekends, not Saturday and the historic sights and visiting places are more crowded on Thursday and Friday but on the other days you can freely explore all the tourist attractions sights.

12- Tap water is drinkable in Iran and you don’t need to buy mineral water all the time.

13- Don’t tip taxies but it’s polite to tip the waiters in restaurants.

14- Iran is the nation of tea drinkers, therefore you can find tea with many different flavors anywhere. If you are a fan of coffees, there are attractive beautiful cafes almost in every corner of the streets.

15- In our capital Tehran and in Isfahan you can use underground trains for faster and easier transportation called the metro. In our metros, we have 2 wagons woman-only for their comfort and safety and the other wagons are mixed. Men must make sure not to mistakenly go on the women-only wagons.

16- It doesn’t matter if it’s a hotel or house, you must take off your shoes before entering inside. Even in some local restaurants that have Persian carpets to sit on instead of chairs, it is better and politer to take your shoes of first.

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Top 7 Iran UNESCO world heritage Sites

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