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Safety of traveling to Iran

First of all, let’s not talk specifically about traveling to Iran and its considerations and keep the followings co Common and ordinary.

Keep your travel plans, including accommodation details, to yourself and do not share them in detail on your social media accounts.

  1. Don't hitchhike.
  2. Try not to travel at night.
  3. Avoid 'seedier' areas of the cities you visit, especially at night.
  4. Ask your hotel manager for advice on 'safe' versus 'unsafe' local areas.
  5. As a general rule, city streets that include children and women suggest the area is safe for families.
  6. Carry with you at all times the contact details of your country embassy. If your country doesn't have your country embassy, find out which other country's embassy is available to help you, such as the British embassy for Americans, it depends on your origin.
  7. Keep a photocopy of your passport and all other important documents in a safe place.
  8. Use ATMs during the day, when there are people around.
  9. Try to rely more on credit cards and traveler's cheques than cash.
  10. If you are mugged, don't fight back. It is better to lose a few dollars and a wristwatch than getting injured.
  11. Avoid incidents such as fights, riots or civil disturbances at all times.

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Transport safety

Avoid changing money at airports, as thieves could be watching you.

Consult with your hotel manager or tourist information center about the public transport in your area. Make sure you know what official taxi cabs look like. A thief may pose as a taxi driver to lure you into their car.

Don't share taxis with strangers.

Carjacking is a problem in some cities. When driving, keep all doors locked and windows up. Make sure your boot is locked too

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Hotel safety

Choose your accommodation which has an emergency exit and the keys are in the form of electronic cards.

  1. Don't stand out in a crowd when traveling
  2. Don't make yourself an attractive target when traveling

Now, considering all the above-mentioned tips and knowing that there are so many other things we should pay attention to let check all the things that might bother you about the safeties of your trip to Iran one by one.

Iran is the easiest country for getting a traveling visa in the world. Most of the time and of course depending on your origin country they issue your visa right at the airport. For instance, Americans will need to apply for a travel authorization number from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) before you can apply for a visa. The MFA must approve your itinerary and your Iran tour operator should be able to help you with the process. For more information about your conditions for a visa, please contact Iran travel agencies or us.

About traveling at nights, many of the cities of Iran, such as Tehran the capital, Isfahan or Shiraz, start life after midnight in the funniest way. Just please consult the operator of your Iran hotel which streets to go to you can go out safely till 1 AM and people will be really nice towards you.

Police is everywhere yet you cannot see them so much, there are cabs on the bike, police offices in all neighborhoods, guards in subway and every ever, and people are all protecting, it will be enough in zero possibility that you got any attack or insult, any think just start shouting, everyone becomes a guardian for you and come and rescue you and take care of you.

Also, be realistic, we are not talking about some European country here, we are talking about a Middle Eastern country. Iran is one of the few that doesn't have war in it and has minorities living in it with fairly good lives (compared to other Middle Eastern countries), also Iran is one of the few that actually lets Jewish people and Journalists in…good luck entering KSA! This is one of the best you can get in the Middle East.

Most of Iran hotels have safety box, it is free and you will have the key right at the entrance, servants won’t bother you to knock the door or look at you so strangely, and you can hundred percent trust them to come and clean your room when you are out and this one of the aspects for Safety of traveling to Iran.

By safe, we mean there is no war, you are not going to get robbed or people are not going to hurt you…if you respect the rules and the culture. This is true for every country in the world, yes the rules are bad, but they are there. This is the problem of freedom, not safety.

People are so trustworthy in Iran. Many of them know English enough to answer you address questions and things like that but if you face any health problems that you needed to go to the hospital, the doctors and nurses are the smartest types of their career in the world and most of them are fluent in English.

If you are interested in Ecotourism please consider contacting people who work this way. If you are interested in staying longer (1-3 months) I suggest you stick to Tehran and north territory in general. The weather is better and people have a better attitude in general. According to the 2019 Travel Risk Map, launched by global risk experts International SOS in collaboration with Control Risks, Iran is listed in the “Low Risk” category. The majority of European countries are also falling in this category. According to their website, this report uses a number of factors like political violence (including terrorism, insurgency, politically motivated unrest, and war), social unrest (including sectarian, communal and ethnic violence) as well as a violent and petty crime to determine the risk of traveling to every country in the world. Other factors, such as the robustness of the transport infrastructure, the state of industrial relations, the effectiveness of the security and emergency services and the country’s susceptibility to natural disasters are also considered. You can check their website for more details on what every risk category is defined.

You will not see anything surprising but sunshine smiles on their faces. All of them, and doesn’t matter kids, adults or elderly.

If you have more questions about the safety of traveling to Iran you can consult your embassy, or Tehran travel agencies we recommend, or call us, the Gapatour office.