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Train journey

They say road trips are fun and air travel is fast, but boarding a train is one of the best ways to see the world. The train journey has its own particular joy. All of us have had this enjoyable experience throughout our lives, leaving memories of the journey along the train and its good sense in our minds. It seems that there is a positive feeling in the train coupe and family and periodicity that no one can experience this journey in any way. Considering that the train is a safe and comfortable vehicle with a more favorable price than the airplane, it usually has a large audience. Airplane seats can get a bit squishy, cars — depending on how many people (and suitcases) you cram into them — are cramped, and buses are bumpy. Perhaps the most significant advantage of train travel is the space so stretch out, curl up, and get cozy. Many major airports are located great distances from city centers, meaning that, once your (potentially lengthy) plane journey has wrapped up, you’ve still got a bit more traveling to go before you reach your destination. Train stations, by contrast, are usually centrally located; getting from your seat to the city is just a matter of a few steps.

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As Iran is really a big country, considering the travel between its two cities must be along with attending time. For instance, if you are deciding to go to Mashhad from Tehran with a train you should consider time for 7-13 hrs, depending on the train type you are going to book. Of course, the closer the destination the shorter the time but the adventure to Iran with trains is something incredibly unforgettable.


Especially if you are having your tour to Iran in a group, either family or friends. It is like going to Cinema, sit in a circle form, eating chips and popcorn or lay down on your comfortable bed ( All Iran trains have coupe with beds ) and watching the most amazing landscapes from the window while the train is moving forward. you are going be welcome at the train station, can have your luggage carried if you want with a very low tip to the guy, sit on your seat or lay down on your bed if the ticket you have bought is not for the bus part, be hosted by the attendant, enjoy the meals, nuts and drinks, charge your devices and plug in the cable to the wall plug, stop worrying for anything and wait for the train to start moving and the natural movie of cities, people and landscapes to begin. Rail travel offers a view to some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, up close and personal. And since many train tracks traverse paths where other modes of transportation simply don’t or can’t go, you’ll be getting a front-row view to parts of the world that are basically exclusive to you (and your fellow travelers, of course).

You may go deep into the jungles and feel the twilight fog of the forest on your face, or you could open the window, take a deep breath and feel the orange blossoms. Get in and out of many tunnels in the chain, dark and light, dark and light repeatedly and feel like 1980’s movies about interrogation rooms. And about the blinking city lights smiling to you far far away when the sun painting class has just ended and the sky hasn’t decided the color yet, orange or dark blue?, let’s not talk because for sure you will stop reading this article, call an Iran travel agency and book your tour to Iran, and you miss the introduction of Iran trains below.

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When you are having your trip to Iran and deciding to another city from your current one, most of the time you can go via one of Iran trains or planes. We say Most of the time because it is really rare for a city not to have an airport or train station, most of them have at least one of these facilities. Flying from one city to city (to another, to another…) can get expensive, and fast. Taking the train may take a bit more time (though, given all the perks listed above, it’s more than worth it), but it’ll save you big bucks in the process. But in any case, keep in mind that in Iran if you buy the ticket and a hotel all together you are going to be charged less than booking them separately so consult your Iran travel agency surly. Iran trains are having a wide range of variations. Four-bed trains are the most commonly used trains in the country. The most important companies that run four-bed trains are Ghazal, Persian Gulf, Simorgh, Green Ploor, and Fadak trains. Below is a brief description of each of these trains.  



Ghazal is one of the best-quality trains in Iran's rail transport fleet. Ghazal can be considered one of the most luxurious and most advanced fleet trains.  In the Ghazal train, each wagon has 9 coupes. For this reason, there is also a space on the trains on the coupes and there is no problem with the lack of space. The basic facilities of the train include audio and video system (two displays), guest call system, high-quality air conditioning (hot and cold) and sanitary and Persian sanitary.

The 5-star Fadak train and the 5-star Zendegi train and the Persian Gulf VIP train are some of the best Iran trains.

Fadak train

This train is also known as one of the luxury trains of Iran's rail freight fleet. The facilities and services of this train are limited to the size of several star hotels, and this is why the train is also called the 5-star moving hotel. The train is a 4-ply train that moves at a speed of 200 km / h.

For any more information about Iran trains or tours to Iran please call the Iran travel agencies we named on this website.