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Working hard all day and been trying to save some money, and all of a sudden it becomes so hard to choose a destination?

What are the limiting matters to you? Costs? Safety? Landmarks? Entertainments? Below we will tell you why considering visiting Iran in these cases.

You don’t even know why maybe holidays for you are synonymous with the beach so you head to Thailand, maybe you think spices are only available in India, or maybe you think ancient history can only be experienced in Rome.

Whatever has been keeping you from booking that flight, here are my ten reasons why you should visit Iran as soon as possible and overcome all of your doubts.

Visit Iran because it’s still cheap

Be it for the sanctions or for the dropping of their currency, Iran travel right now will turn very cheap. With the cost of public transport ranging from the 8 euro (roughly 10$) of the night train from Tehran to Tabriz to less than 3 euro (4$) of the bus from Ardebil to Lahijan, and the accommodation, usually 4-star hotels, around the price of 30 euro (40$) per night per double room, you can spoil yourself with a royal treat without spending too much, saving enough for your inevitable shopping spree.

It mostly depends on the exchange rate, by since now euros, dollars and pounds are still strong compared to the rial, try to visit Iran as soon as possible before things change too much.

You can book the bests of Iran hotel , plan to surf the country with the best airlines they have, such as Qeshm, Mahan or Aseman. Even you can easily think about that wondering train trips with the best train journey of Iran trains to the north and have your bags full of souvenirs with the lowest prices ever. If you decided to book that train to the forests and you went to Gorgan, make sure as one of your Iran souvenirs, you are buying bracelets, rings or earrings of their beautiful handmade Virchow jewelry. When you visit Iran, you don’t have to worry about not buying gifts the happiest reason to book your Iran tour will be this.

visit iran


Pretend you are Aladdin or the Prince of Persia in Bam

If the first reason made you not to hesitate to buy your tour to Iran you might think about Persian cities, Bam is probably what you are imagining. Unfortunately, most of it got destroyed in a devastating earthquake and people generally do not visit it anymore.

However, people are rebuilding it and, if you’re lucky, your guide may take you to places you normally wouldn’t visit.

It helps to know sign language as they don’t speak English.

Some Iranian people think the region is unsafe but, then again, we noticed that inhabitants from a particular province would ALWAYS tell you that neighboring provinces were dangerous. We never felt unsafe. If you visit Iran you have to see the citadel of Bam! You’ll feel like Aladdin…You’re welcome.

visit iran-Bam

Bring some adventure stories back home

People have certain expectations before they visit Iran, some of them might be negative and most of these some, are for sure untrue. If you take a look at the other articles about traveling to Iran, you will change your mind for sure but to please the people at home, make sure to bring back some adventures. Here are the adventures waiting for you in Iran, as the second reason for you to visit Iran.

Economical Vacation
Top 7 Iran UNESCO world heritage Sites

Do you want to experience the most luxuries travel with a chance to get to know a completely new culture and meet new people along with exploring the most amazing sights, all in one but in the cheapest price? You are on the right website to Iran, you can have the best service at the lowest prices. In Gapatour our tour prices for a one-week vacation starts at 330 $, going around the whole country and letting you experience the best. A five-star hotel room in the middle of the capital, with all the services including GYM, SPA, Swimming pool, and etcetera would only cost you 45$ a night. Gapatour will make sure of your comfort and joy at the lowest prices.

  • Chogha Zanbil
  • Persepolis
  • Naqsh-e Jahan Square
  • Takht-e Soleymān
  • Pasargadae
  • Arg e Bam
  • Soltaniyeh Dome
  • ...
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Desert Astronomy Expedition to Find Oases:

Small desert villages where the nights are of pure dark and the sky full of bright stars, this is what makes vast barren lands of Iran magnificent. This astronomy experience is a blend of the bests which lead you away from classical sightseeing, to discover the hidden life of rural Iran. Experience the unique night sky of Iran's desert, with no light pollution, to become a real amateur astronomer, while visiting off the beaten tracks natural sights that you can hardly find on any travel books. Sand dunes, stone formations, waterfalls and rivers in desert, cave village, hottest spot on earth: these are some of the highlights to spice up your trip to Iran with a six-day tour full of unforgettable experiences, as you will live Iran from the inside and collect the most intimate knowledge about this impressive country.

Green Hike of Gilan: An extraordinary hike into the "jungle" of northern Iran.

Birdwatching in Varzaneh, Cross Isfahan to Yazd: In search of the only endemic bird of Iran, Iranian Ground Jay.

Raghaz Canyon, Adventure of Rappel and Water: Are you ready for an epic adventure, eager to push the edge of your limits and expand your possibilities in a fun and memorable experience? Then, the ultimate adrenaline adventure of canyoning in Raghaz Canyon is going to fulfill, and even exceed, all your expectations!  The most popular canyon in Iran, Raghaz has it all at the same time. Jumps, slides, abseils and whatever you can wish for

 Iran is a safe place to visit

The image of Iran painted by the media is usually about oppression and political sanctions. But when you visit, the experience is very different; you’ll want to return as soon as you leave. There are a few different law that you might not be used to, but dress codes or alcohol policies are easy to obey, and you’ll enjoy an insight in one of the most fascinating countries.

 It’s a really fashionable part of the world

Women planning to visit Iran will need to do a little research on what to wear before they go, but – in a nutshell – women are required to have their legs and arms covered (your top should be covering your hips). A headscarf is also compulsory.

However, you will be surprised by just how modern fashion is in Iran, especially in Tehran. You’ll find women wearing gorgeous coats, tunics coordinated with colorful scarves and trendy handbags, and immaculately applied makeup. I felt a bit out of place with my baggy clothes! If you’re interested in shopping, visit the markets on your first day in the country and pick up a stylish new outfit for your stay in Iran (that you can still wear when you return home). If you’re traveling to the countryside and more remote villages, you will find that the dress code is more conservative; the older generation wears a chador, which is a formal black cloak (like an overcoat). However, this is not required for visitors.