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Iran travel guide

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Everything about Iran travel guidešŸ˜Ž

When it comes to Iran, you can say that you want to travel to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You cannot ignore the cast beauties which you can see in Iran. If you want to have a journey to Iran, be with us till the end of everything about Iran travel guide!

First thing to know in Iran travel guide is VisašŸ‘©‍šŸ’»

Visa for Iran is almost available for all countries. It you are going to travel to Iran you should check out the list of countries which can have VoA, which means Visa on Arrival. Islamic republic of Iran, has been made the process of coming to Iran easier by VoA. So if you are one of those countries where are available for VoA do not hesitate, book your ticket and come to Iran to have the best vacation.

Second, get to know Iranian culture better!āœˆļø

If you are coming to Iran, you are going to have a business trip or you want to have a cultural trip to Iran so first thing you should know is that you are going to a country in which there are some important rules which you should follow. For example, the first rule is hijab. Hijab is one of the most important part of coming to Iran specially for women. If you are coming to Iran as a traveler, you should know that here women cover their hair and they are not able to touch the opposite unfamiliar sex. In travel guide for Iran, the most vital thing you know is hijab.

Also Iranian people has so many other cultures as well. For example, you should know about Tarof. It means that they will ask you a lot for doing you a favor. When somebody insist on you to do something try to understand that it is out of their goodness and not because they are forcing you.

iran travel guid

People in Iran are so friendly, they may even ask you to come to their houses and stay during your journey. Also it is wise not to trust anyone soon but you should know that it's their habits! If you are traveling to Iran in groups you should know that the best way for surfing Iran is to have Iran tour. First, plan for the cities that you want to visit and then you can choose Iran travel agencies and ask them for your favorite tour with Iran travel guide.

Third, do not forget the souvenirs!šŸ‘›

Iran souvenirs are different from one city to another. You may know the exact meaning of souvenir but you may confuse it in different cities. In some cities like Isfahan, souvenirs are mostly handicrafts but there are also various types of delicious delights which you can buy as souvenir.

Buy buying them, you can have a great impact on Iranian economy. You can buy souvenirs as the trophies from your trip.

The currency in Iran is confusing!

 You should know that as a foreigner you may confuse the currency in Iran. It is not so hard to learn but because almost all places are having two currencies you should know them so in cases you want to buy anything they cannot charge you more.

Currency in Iran is Rial but there is also another one which we call it Toman. Each 10 rial is one toman. For travel guide Tehran Iran, you should know that after hijab you should be aware of the currency.

The transportation

Iran has a system of transportation which is similar to almost all other countries. Here drivers are a little bit in hurry so don’t be afraid, you will get use to their driving's after a day or two. You can use Iran trains, buses and airplanes if you are going to travel from one city to another and you can use taxi and snapp if you are going to go somewhere inside a city.

Get to know different Iran travel agencies

As we said, Iran is one of the countries with a high tourism amount in a year. So if you are coming to Iran and you want to have a memorable trip we highly advice you to pick a tour from Iran travel agencies.

There are different tours which travel agencies can offer you. It depends on you and your travel mates and your destination. If you are coming to Iran for cultural trip you should surely visit Isfahan and shiraz, otherwise if you are going to have fun it's better to choose the northern or southern parts. If you are planning to come to Iran, we offer you Gapatour. There are so many different packages in Gapatour which we can tell all about before you come to Iran.

There is no difference that you are traveling to Iran as a group or you want to travel as a solo. You can choose Gapa tour and you can choose your destination and we can surely offer you some best tours you can ever been on. In our packages we offer our customers full tours which are containing accommodation and transfer as well. Based on your budget, we are going to offer you the best choices that you will have when you are coming to Iran. With Gapa tour travel to Iran safe and sound!

 Iran travel guide and safety!šŸ˜

The thing which may be your question as well is that if you are coming to Iran as a traveler, are you safe?

To answer this question, we should say that Iran is highly safe, and there is nothing to be worried about. We know that nowadays there are some news about the unsafety of Iran but almost none of them are right and Iran is as safe as all other countries in the world.