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Buy ticket to Iran

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Buy ticket to Iran✈️

Among all other countries in the world, Iran is a place where you should visit. There are so many things you should know about Iran. It is almost right that Iran is one of the most crowded countries in terms of tourists. Before you buy ticket to Iran, you should know about Iranian airports and also so many things in the process of buying ticket.

Iran airports in Tehran

If you buy ticket to Iran your first choice is Tehran. Tehran national imam Khomeini is the most crowded one because Tehran is the capital of Iran and it is surely going to be the best airports that you can choose.

Iran airports in other cities

There are also so many other cities which have international airports and you can choose them if you like. Actually it depends on your destination and the city you want to go first because your airplane is going to land there. You can buy ticket to Iran to Isfahan, shiraz and Tabriz.

Iran airlines

Iran has several private airlines and their public ones are available in so many countries. There are so many airlines which their oldest one was founded in 1944. Iran Air is one of the most crowded ones in Iran.

Buy ticket to Iran; is it better to drive or fly?🚃 ✈️

Surely this is depending on your trip. It includes the routes and distances. When you are planning to travel to Iran. Take your time and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of flying method or driving method to Iran. 

Flights will save your time greatly and they can even shorten the amount of your time in hours and days. Also air travels are so convenient as well. When you buy ticket to Iran, you should know that there is nothing to be worry about in terms of traffic and others.

buy ticket to iran

However, it can be said that this fast way is usually more expensive than other methods of transportation. Especially if you are going to buy ticket to Iran, you should know that it is different to buy tickets in high season. Also air travel, has so many other pros and in cases that you don’t have Phobia you can choose it. Also there are some disadvantages as well such as security measures, more time needed for getting onboard, and delays.

Is air travel safe in Iran?

When you want to buy ticket to Iran, for a long time, US sanctions have prevented Iran from renovating its planes. In 2016, after lifting the sanctions. It is also reported that Iran is planning to receive 400 new aircrafts by 2025. It is said that on the average, Iranian planes are going to be pretty old in days.

It doesn’t mean that Iranian airplanes are not safe at all. Iran was found to be performing above the global average across a number of categories, according to a 2010 assessment by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

There are so many Iranian airlines in Iran including Iran Air, Iran Air tour, Iran Aseman, Mahan Air, Kish Air, and Qheshm Air. If you want to buy ticket for Iran, you can choose them on the internet online.

How many airports are there in Iran?🏢

Overall, there are so many airports in Iran that we can say almost there are 300 of them. Among these airports, eight of them are international and you can use them as you are going to other countries. Here, there is a list of international airports.

  • Imam Khomeini International Airport
  • Mehrabad International Airport
  • Mashhad International Airport
  • Shiraz Shahid Dastghaib International Airport
  • Tabriz International Airport
  • Esfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport
  • Gheshm Airport
  • Kish International

What are flight/ticket classes for domestic flights in Iran?

When you want to buy ticket to Iran you should know that there are so many different types of flights in Iran. Among all we can say that there are three ticket classes for Iranian domestic flights. There is economy, first class and business class.


There are also another class which is called price class. It is written in English letters. You should know that there are so many letters which are not going to be important unless you need a refund.

These letters are also will be assigned to each ticket base on the time that you are going to buy ticket to Iran, the type of cabin and other things. If you want to know about the price, check the section of the ticket to learn more about the regulations and other related cancellation and other things.

Are there any customs regulations or other restrictions specific to Iran?

You should know that you cannot have the best vacation in Iran unless you will start it okay. There are things which are restricted in traveling to Iran by airports.

 All the types of antiquated goods and original artworks such as miniature, valued stones, authorized holly Quran, 35mm films, music instruments associated with the cultural heritage of Iran

  • Carpets and rugs with historic records
  • Handwoven carpets which are larger than two square meters
  • Taking out carpets, pistachio, nuts, and saffron is prohibited for passengers traveling to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and
  • Syria.
  • All types of drugs including methamphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, etc. (the carrier will be prosecuted)
  • Foreign currencies more than the value of 5,000 US dollars and gold coins
  • Any type of alcoholic drink (the carrier will be prosecuted)
  • Pets are only allowed when having ID documents, and being carried out in the pets’ special cage. A previous permission should be taken from the airport’s quarantine department.
  • Press, books and any printed material which are against religious and national regulation.

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