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Things you should pay attention to as a British citizen before traveling to Iran

Iran is a four-season country known as the land of beauty and the jewel of eastern Asia.  With approximately 2500 years of history, Iran is the number one destination for many historical site lovers. If you are a British Citizen looking forward to Travel to Iran, it is best to understand the rules currently in place to prevent any problems during your Iran trip.

Travel to Iran from the UK is not that difficult, you just have to pay attention to the following notes.

travel to Iran from UK


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1-Iran visa for UK citizens

To travel to Iran from the UK either you must travel as a part of a tour or have a sponsor in Iran. If you want to travel to Iran with the help of an Iran travel agency, few Travel agencies like GAPA Tour will take care of your Iran visa and you wouldn't be bothered with the process. But if you are a solo traveler looking forward to visiting Iran with the help of a sponsor, you should note the application process for your Iran visa can be very difficult and take a lot of time.

Make sure your visa doesn't expire during your residence in Iran because if you overstay your Iran visa, you should remain Iran and apply for a new one.

Women and girls above the age of nine must wear Hijab (cover their hair) for their Iran Visa photo.

Iran visa for UK citizens


If you want to travel to Iran from the UK you must make sure your passport doesn't expire in less than 6 months from the date your Iran visa is submitted.

3-What happens if a UK citizen loses passport in Iran?

In your travel to travel to Iran form UK if by any reason you lose your passport, don’t worry with an ETD (UK Emergency Travel Documents) you can easily leave Iran, but don't forget to get an exit visa from the Iranian Bureau of Alien and Foreign Immigrants Affairs.

4- Travel background to Israel

As most of the Muslim countries, we don't recognize the legitimacy of Israel, so if you have the stamp of Israel on your passport, unfortunately, you won't be able to travel to Iran.  

5-Health and vaccination

Some British citizens need a yellow fever certificate in order to travel to check if you need it or not, you should contact your Iran Travel agency or your sponsor.

6-British Women traveling to Iran with children

If you are a female parent traveling with your child in order to exit Iran you should have the permission of his or her father. For more information, you can contact the Iranian embassy or consult.

woman travelers

Hope this article helped you to understand important notes about traveling to Iran from the UK. If you have more question all you have to do is to contact us.

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