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Many of us have seen stunning pictures of starry skies located in Iran, but where are they really? And when is the best time to visit them?

Even after thousands of years and with all myths said, people still are fascinated by the starry skies. Iran being a vast country has many dry and hot lands perfect for visiting starry nights.

Nowadays with pollution and city lives, visiting Milky Way shimmer or even shining stars looks like a science fiction movie to kids and youngsters.

When hearing pollution most of us think about air pollution but it is the light pollution that mostly affects the obscurity of stars.

In this article, I'm about to introduce you to the best sites in Iran for viewing stars and some other good tips.

Iran night sky

What do the best views of stars and other celestial features require?

First of all, the best views of stars and other celestial features require a clean and completely dark sky. Sometimes even the moonlight or polar twilight affects the visibility of stars.

Most starry skies are in the arid and very dry sites like desserts and barrens. These sites are mainly located in isolated areas.

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Where is the starry sky of Iran?

1-Iran Desserts

As a traveler, one of my best experiences was the first time I went to Mesr desert. Sitting around the fire, feeling dust and sand under my feet, breathing fresh air, and looking shiny little stars glowing brought me so much joy. I recommend camping at least one night in desserts to everyone who is traveling to Iran.

Being completely dark at nights and having the cleanest air, deserts are one of the best places to visit the starry skies in. Se-Ghale (three cartels) desert in south Khorasan province has the darkest ski in Iran and the fifth darkest ski in the world. Among other Iranian deserts with starry skies, we can name Maranjab desert, Tabat desert, Mesr desert, and etcetera.   


The history of astronomy in the ancient city of Pasargadae dates back to nearly four thousand years ago. Prison of Solomon is probably the oldest observatory in Iran very crucial to the astronomical tourism in Iran. In Pasargadae, you can enjoy a starry ski along with visiting historical sites like the tomb of Cyrus the Great. There are many other historical sites that give you the chance to visit a starry ski along like Maraghe observatory, Anahita shrine, and etcetera.

3-Badab Soort

Badab Soort is a natural range of stepped travertine terrace formations that is located in Mazandaran province, northern Iran.

Few stepped travertine terraces exist in the world and only in one of them (Badab Soort) you will get the chance to visit the Polaris. 

My suggestion is to find Iran tours that spend a night in Badab Soort so that you can enjoy exploring the night sky.

badab Soort

4-Highest mountain peak of Iran, Damavand peak

Well, we spoke about some dry or hot lands but what about the peak of a mountain?

Mountain heights are also without light or air pollution and a very good site to visit the starry sky of Iran.

Mount Damavand is one of the best places for this aim. Besides being the highest mountain of Iran, one top of it you can visit the most astonishing starry sky even with the naked eye.

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5-Gavkhuni Wetland

Located in the eastern part of Isfahan, Gavkhuni Wetland is surrounded by luxurious Iran hotels. The interesting thing about the starry sky of Gavkhuni Wetland is the ability to visit mars and Saturn planet.

6-Valley of stars

Located in Qeshm Island, southern Iran, the valley of stars is famous for its Chahkooh canyon. In this canyon, exists different kinds of holes believed to be built by the aliens. Natives of Qeshm believe that it was a star crashing the earth that made this site and also call this canyon "star Outideh”.   

valley of stars night sky

7-Alamut Castle

Alamut or in English “Eagles nest” was a mountainous castle located in the south Caspian province of Gilan. To visit the amazing starry sky of Alamut castle you should climb up a mountain but you can be sure that it worth it. If you want you can camp in the foothills and experience a dream night.

To visit the mysteries of Alamut castle you can contact a trustable Iran travel agency like the Gapa Tour Company. Our experienced staff are always ready to help you.

Alamut castle


Abyaneh is a village in Natanz, Isfahan province. Abyaneh starry ski doesn’t have anything less than the deserts sky and is a must-go site on your travel to Iran.

If you decided to pay a visit to Abyaneh village, you should note that it has very cold nights and warm clothes are necessary.  

When is the best time to visit the starry sky of Iran?

As mentioned above, light pollution affects the visibility of the stars a lot even the moonlight so my suggestion would be the first days of the lunar months. Or maybe at Lunar or Solar eclipse or when a planet is in its nearest distance to earth.


As you see in the photos, Iran night skies are famous amongst astronomers and attract many tourists yearly.

Hope this article helped you to find out more about the starry skies of Iran. If you have any more question leave a comment or contact us.