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When searching "places to visit in Iran” on the net, nearly all the blogs are about the most famous ones like Persepolis, the valley of stars, chogha Zanbil, Nasir Al-Mulk mosque, and etcetera. But Iran doesn't limit to these sites that most of you already know about.

There are some heavenly beautiful places to visit in Iran that many don’t know about. In this article, I'm going to explain the 10 best places to visit in Iran that tourists don't know about.

1- Masuleh

Far from the capital at the mountain range and south of the Caspian Sea lies the village of Masuleh. This city is famous amongst Iranians for its unique architecture. The houses in Masuleh are interconnected and the roof or courtyard of a house serves as pedestrian areas like streets. It is one of the most interesting places to visit in Iran and I recommend it to all the tourists who are passing Gilan Province.


2- Hormoz Island

When we hear about the natural visit places in the Persian Gulf, most of us think about Kish Island. But if you go a little bit further to the west, you will meet the red Island of Iran, Hormaz Island. Because of having colorful beaches people also call it the Rainbow Island but it's mostly red. The red color in Hormoz Island is mostly because of the Red soil on its surface. It is one of the best places to visit in Iran for photo shooting.    

3- Katale Khor cave

Also known as the “mount of the sun” this mysterious place dates back to the Jurassic period and is located in the Zanjan province. This cage is believed to be connected to the biggest water cage of the world Ali-Sadr cave. 

4- Rudkhan Castle

Rudkhan Castle is a stone and brick fortress on top of a strategic mountain used in the past to defend the city from Arab invaders. To reach this historical sight you hike 1 hour or 2 (according to your speed) in the middle of the jungle. The road is completely clear and easy to find. The road to this heavenly fortress is filled with stairs to make it easier to climb that's why people also call Rudkhan Castle the "Thousand Step Castle". Hiking might seem difficult at first but anyone who went to this castle says the road and Rudkhan worth it.   


5- Chak Chak

Some of us heard about the Atash Bahram or even went there, but very few of us heard about Chak Chak or in English “drip drip”. It is one of the most sacred shrines in Zoroastrianism, located near the historic city of Yazd. Zoroastrians believe in the Arab invasion in 640 BC, Nikbanoo the second daughter of the ruler of that time ran away there. Fear from being captured Nikbanoo begged Ahura Mazda to give here shelter, in response to her prays the mountain magically opened and saved her from the Arabs. Chak Chak is also famous for the water drops from the mountain ad people believe that these water drops are actually the tears of the mountain for Nikbanoo. You can see the Zoroastrian rituals and enjoy the mountainous weather in Chack Chack. 

6- Pigeon towers

At the Safavid age, many towers were built to house the pigeons. Well not an act of love, they needed the droppings of them to raise plants and fruits. The droppings were that important that they spent a lot of money and hired the best architectures for it. Nowadays these Pigeon towers are fun places to visit in Iran and I'm sure you would enjoy it.

Pigeon towers

7- Tabatabaei House in Kashan

Tabatabaeis were a wealthy and rich carpet merchant family, one of the richest in Iran we can say. In 1835 Seyed Jafar Tabatabaei, the head of the family built this house in the name of his wife. It is 5000 square meters with 40 rooms. If want to see the luxury side of Iran, travel to this historic house. You can see the courtyard of the building in the picture and the interior of the house includes multi-colored mosaic windows and paintings.

Tabatabaei House Kashan

8- Chalus road

Foreigners may not have heard of it but all Iranians have memories with Chaluse road. This road is a must-go of approximately 90 percent of Iranians in their holidays. It's a child nostalgia for many of us, but even for foreign tourists, it has many attractions. Chaluse road the fourth beautiful road in the world, with the official name of 59. This road is filled with long bridges, tunnels, lakes, and jungles and the most important thing of all is that this road end to the heaven of Iran, the north.  

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9- Anzali lagoon

Ready to visit the Waterlilies with their big green leaves and frogs jumping on it? Or to visit different unique species of birds flying around the water lilies? You can see these movie-like scenes in real and with your own eyes in Anzali Lagoon in Gilan province. The green leaves of the lilies ensemble a green carpet in the eyes of the visitors. Besides that, this lagoon is the house to different kinds of fish like the Caspian White Fish, Esox (pike), common carp, vimba, tench, loach, and goby.

Anzali lagoon

10- Babak Castle

Anyone who likes Roudkhan castle will like Babak castle too. Babak castle or as people call it “the immortal castle” is a citadel built on top of a mountain in the East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. On the 10th of July every year, many Iranians climb up the mountain and go to the citadel to honor Babak the Great who gave his life to save Iran.  



As you saw there are a lot of places to visit in Iran other than the ones al the websites recommend you to visit on your Iran trip and they are crucial to Iran tourism industry. These sites are a lot less crowded and sometimes even more beautiful. I hope this article helped you if you have more questions feel free to contact us.