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Tehran as the capital of Iran has a lot of natural and historical sights, but as our experience in Iran Tourism industry shows, most tourists are traveling to Tehran in search of modern recreations and luxurious style of life in the capital.
According to the economic situation our country is in at the moment and due to the very low value of our concurrency, traveling to Iran is considered the cheapest way to experience a memorable trip.

Iran and especially its capital, Tehran is filled with full service, five-star hotels comparable with the European and American hotels in the same class. 

In this article, I'm about to introduce the 9 most famous Tehran hotels that have succeeded in reaching standards comparable to the best European hotels.

What are the best 5-star hotels in Tehran?

1-Tehran Novotel hotel

With only 59€ a night stay in the best hotel in Iran with services like Spa, sauna, tennis, bar, fitness center, health spa, and many other accommodations to make your Iran trip an unforgettable one. Novotel Hotel is a branch of Accor Hotels (the largest hotel group outside America) and is located next to the International Imam Khomeini airport.

2-Espinas Palace Hotel

In the northwest of Tehran stands Espinas Palace hotel. With Spacious rooms, professional staff & a great breakfast it is the number one choice of the tourists who want to experience luxury mixed with a small taste of past. This hotel consists of 400 cozy guestrooms, fitness center, piano lounge, coffee shop and restaurants, swimming pool, and a great view of the Damavand mount.

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3-Espinas Persian Gulf Hotel

This boutique hotel is one of the oldest grand family residences in Iran which is a familiar brand for nearly all the citizens of Iran. Espinas Persian Gulf hotel or simply Espinas Hotel is located downtown, therefore, you can have easy access to all the visiting sites of Tehran if you choose Espinas for your residence.

This Tehran hotel has also very professional staff, that know when to serve you what you want and when to respect your privacy. The Hotel’s restaurant is also really famous and a very good place for work meetings and family gatherings. The menu includes different drinks and also up to 70 different dishes to choose from.

4-Parsian Azadi Hotel

With 475 guestrooms, one of the biggest and tallest hotels in Iran is located in northern Tehran and very close to the Evin and Tochal mountains. Parsian Azadi Hotel has every service a luxurious trip needs, including sports centers, swimming pools, art galleries, barber, all the luxurious brands (Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, … ), coffee shops and restaurants, sauna, and an Iranian Traditional bathroom.

5-Tehran Homa Hotel

 Situated at the heart of Tehran, Homa Hotel or as many know it by its former name Sheraton Hotel is one of the top five-star residences in Iran. It consists of 15 floors and more than 170 rooms. With almost everything an ideal trip needs, Homa Hotel is the number one choice of many tourists.

6-Tehran Laleh International Hotel

side by side with the Grand Laleh park and Modern Art museum stands one of the luxurious hotels of Iran. Laleh hotel has very big and professional conference rooms, made for important seminars. This Tehran Hotel consists of 13 floors and 380 double rooms and is ready to accompany you in your travel. In its mall, you can find a branch of one of the best leather brands of Iran, NovinCharm.

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7-Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel

Like all other luxurious Tehran Hotels, Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel is located in the northern parts of Tehran and is a branch of Parsian chain hotels. Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel consists of two towers. The west tower was built in 1341 and the east tower in 1351. This hotel offers different types of restaurant, swimming pool, sports clubs, gym, conference halls, and shopping. Their professional staff members are 24-7 available to give you everything you need and build a good memory of the time you visit Iran.

If you ever decide to stay there, make sure your room is in the east tower, it’s a little bit more expensive but a lot better than the west tower.

8-Dizin Hotels

 Dizin can be considered the most famous ski resort in Iran and even the Middle East since it is the largest Iranian ski resort and is 3600 meters high. many different winter sports competitions are held in the Dizin ski resort international and it is located near Gachsar. This area has two hotels, five restaurants, and nineteen cottages. The better of the two is a 4-star hotel with nearly 90 cozy and warm rooms. The furniture and walls are mostly made of wood giving the hotel a unique style. There are also various tennis courts, cafes, walking tracks, and other facilities to make you busy during your residence.

Dizin restaurants offer many different suggestions such as traditional Persian food or fast foods or Middle Eastern specials and so on. If you don’t want to stay in a hotel Dizin also has cottages and villas to make you feel at home. The choice is yours.

9-Taj Mahal Hotel

If you are interested in the combination of Iranian and Indian architectures and lifestyles, Taj Mahal Hotel gives you the chance and the combination is visible since the moment you walk into the lobby. As someone with a lot of experience in traveling, I highly recommend you to eat a meal in their Indian restaurant, the food is very delicious.

In 2015, the Taj Mahal hotel was announced as the best hotel in Iran and since then is well-known among all Iranians.

How to reserve Tehran hotels

If you are still uncertain which hotel is the most proper one for you, just contact us and our expert staff will help you, but if you have chosen, simply go to our Iran Hotel page and choose your date and room.