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Ganjnameh admixture of history, nature and art

4.5 out of 5

Ganjnameh inscription  belong to parsi kings, Darius the Great and Xerxes(khashayar)at Achaemenians period is  place in alvand moutions near hamedan city. Ganjnameh is one of most iran attractive place for visit iran and annual paasengers from all of the world travel to iran by different iran travel agencies


This inscription during history has changed such as gods inscription, alvand inscription and etc

The reason of appellation this inscription is in parsi (farsi) languge ganj  means to treasure and  local people believe to this frise pointed to hidden treasure. Ganjnameh has written in 2 tablet which upper tablet belongs to Darius and low tablet belongs to Xerxes. These tablet has written in 20 lines in 3 cloumn in persian (farsi), Babylonian and elamite language and both of them have same content


We can understand As apparently before these inscriptions had doors to save them from sunlight, wind, rain and snow.Tablets has descripted by francian Archaeologist pascal cosete and british Archaeologist Sir henry ravilinson.The lyrics of these are about pray of ancient iranian god Ahouramazda, thnksgiving and introduce himself as the king of the kings.  Near of this inscription place 12 meters waterfll that nature fans and history fans get together

Ganjnameh waterfall

Also ganjnameh telecabin has made near this nature and historical copmlex by 1680 meters height which continue to alvand green height