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Sio se pol/33pol (Thirty three bridge or 33 bridge)

4.5 out of 5

 33pol Bridge is one of Iran attractive place that annul attract many tourist for travel to iran 

33pol bridge

Unexampled  33 Pol bridge belongs to first Abas king period. This bridge has 14 meters width and 200 meters length. Under this structure is Zayandehrood river. In the past this river was permanent but nowadays it’s a seasonal river. Many minstrels  have versed about these bridge and river. Yore, this  bridge had 40 insets but it has 33 insets now

33pol bridge is one of the many masterpieces of Iran and world architecture. A corridor contrive for passing horses and humans and connect 4Bagh Bala

street (upper 4 garden street) and 4baghe Kohne street (old 4 garden street) which both of them are important

   The Bridge’s name has changed many time during the history such as Jolfa brige, 40 source bridge, 4 garden bridge and etc

The Bridge used to be a concourse for the king, poems and grandee in the Abpashan ceremony (Abrizan and Abpashan were Iran Christian ceremony) which the tourists who have come to Iran have pointed to this rite in their memories

33bridge is a symbol of Anahita(goddess of nature) and in fact most of water structures in Iran are symbol  of Anahita

Nowadays young people sit under the bridge and engross to sing and stomp