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Amazing Eram garden

4.5 out of 5

Eram garden

Shiraz Eram garden as one of the Iran attractive places is visited everyday by Iranian visitors and visitors who travel to Iran.The garden was 3 kilometers out of west north of Shiraz and after many years and by developing urbun, garden is now placed in the middle of city

The exact time that garden was built is not define clearly but it’s related to Seljuks period (1037-1187)

The  main building into the garden has 3 floors which use to Beautifull paint, colorful tiling and amazing  tores

The name of underearth floor is hozkhaneh (basin place)for resting in summer. The middle floor is most important part of garden which has wonderful Decorations and Ferdowsi paint (Iranian poem)that all of them are very eye-cathching

Third floor is same to the middle floor but decoration and paints on the wall are different

Garden has changed many owners in  different periods  but it belongs to Botanical Shiraz university now and in fact it belongs to all of the people

Eram garden

The planet coverage are very different but we divide them in 2 parts

1- Fruit trees such as Pomegranate, Medlar, Orange, Persimmon, apple, Walnut, Apricot, pear, Date and etc

2_ Non-fruit trees such as Pine, Maple, Purple, Black Willow, Poplar, Apkalytus and etc