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Kermanshah Bistoon inscription

4.5 out of 5

Kermanshah is city in Iran west and has many different historical places for visit and its one of destination  for Iran tours and Iran travel agencies specially for who interested in historical placees we should say Kermanshah built  for them so you can choose this city for travel to Iran

Today we want to write about  Bistoon description that archaism of that is more than 2000 years. In future we describe other Kermanshah historical place in details

Inscription is one most fame structure of Bistoon  historical site. Its place at 30 k.m from east Kermanshah. this local was one most traffic way in the world for traders. I have to say this local is full of historical place

Inscription  is at a distance of 20 meters and belongs to Darius the Great king and because of this historiographers has known as the oldest inscription in the world. The inscription subject are about Darius wars, supperssion of riot, pray for Ahouramazda (the name of ancient god, his kingdom, some advices for Posterity and protection and save inscription.   For many centuries has related to Shirin and Farhad (Iranian Romance story)until Henery Ravilenson could  translated inscription at 1840 and after that other persons could completed translation. Inscription has 8 meters height and 22 meters width, its cause  inscription hasknown as biggest inscription on the world. Writing has written in 5 columns and 252 lines. The humaness face of Ahouramazda shows off in upper of inscription  is giving kingdom to Darius and darius is praying and other kings who Have disobeyed, have Been chained. Follow our future post about other Kermanshah historical places.