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contract between Iran air and Airbus

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Today we have different post from other post, want to describe one of the most important news that Is not irrelevant to Iran tourism. 37 year old sanctions of Iran Airlines Fleet is broken. Its good news for people and who want to trip to Iran and they can with more Confidently use the services of Iran travel agencies

In this regard first Airbus airplane (321 model)has delivered to Iran Air. This is first airplane from 8 airplanes will be deliver at the end of 2107 With a capacity of 195 people

This air plane use more for out airline but officials have decided to use this model for internal airline for more health and safety of passengers.At this moment experts installing decall into Cabins. This is good new for Iranian and Iran tourism. I have to say before this time Iran Purchased secondhand airplanes from other countries.After deliver 321 Airbus, 330 model Airbus will deliver to Iran

According contract between Iran Airline and Airbus one hundred at 10 years  time period. Iran tourism is remains In good condition we expect observe to Dramatic increase on Iran tourism in future

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