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Contemporary Art Tehran Museum

4.5 out of 5

Are you interested in Art? how much you know about middle East and specially Iranian art? This post is about one of the Iran attractive places that is known place for who loves art and its branches. I think its good reason for who want to travel to Iran that know about Iran Art closely.

Contemporary Art Tehran Museum has founded at 1977 by king’s sister “Farah Pahlavi”.this museum is one of the most important museums in Iran and is located near Farah park ( now it has changed to Laleh park). Architecture of museum is modern and structure has inspired of Iran desert windwards and has designed by “Kamran Diba”. Area of museum is about 2000 meters and all arounde has coverd by green space and amazing statues

We can divide Artworks collections to 3 section


render  Artworks at galleries and inner space of museum

Statues in outer space

According to the official definition of museum, Contemporary Art museum shows how of evolution of Iran Contemporary Art in the period of time

Museum is contain of most important treasures of Iran, Europe and north America Art which has 5 to 10 first post modern Art in the world.Artworks include of Minimalism Art, Conceptual Art and Pop Arts. More than 3000 Permanent art work from Iran and world artists has saved which more than 400 numbers from them are very valuable. We can noted to famous Artists such as Picasso, Pollock, Warhol and Giacometti

    Garden of statues is located in the north green space of museum building. Statue garden contain of Max Ernst and other famous artists.At 2006 Mahmoud Farshcian paint costructor(most fame Iranian paint artist)gifted more than 100 his Artworks that boserve them is Not unpleasant

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