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Amir chakhmagh complex

4.5 out of 5

Amir Chakhmagh complex is one of the Iran attractive places that every year attracts many tourists who trip to Iran individually or by Iran tours. It was built by “Mir jalaloldin chakhmagh” and his princess more than 600 years ago.This complex includes a mosque, Tekeyeh (a place for funeral), traditional tomb of Fatemeh (Fatemeh is the name of Amithis chakhmagh’s wife), Haji Ghanbar Bazaar, traditional cistern, Nakhl (very big handmade thing that in the funerals people carry on their hands) and Tekeyeh cistern

This complex is located in the center of Yazd city. Before Pahlavi period, people inhumed their dears here because they believed this place as a holy place but in Pahlavi period, it became prohibited and changed to square. Near of this structure is located tradition anal Fatemeh cistern with 5 windwards which nowadays it is Zoorkhaneh ( a place for Iranian ancient sport that we will talk more about that in future ). Fatemeh tomb is located in front of this cistern

This complex has introduced as the Yazd city symbol on old books and handwriting that has written by European tourists.Nakhl is famous as Heydari Nakhl, its archaism is more than 450 years use in funerals and Ashoora( funeral of second imam of Shiah )and its holy for local people. Amirchakhmagh Located in the old context city has doubled its beauty.Archs and vaults has designed that its symbol of Islamic and Yazd architecture

into Amir chakhmagh mosque

Amir chakhmagh

If you want to trip to Iran, you should visit Yazd city as one of the historical cities in Iran and Amir Chakhmagh complex that it’s better not to forget visit that

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