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lovely Golabgiri ceremony

4.5 out of 5

Today we wont to describe historical hill or ancient place. Today’s post is about a old  Iranian ceremony

That its called  (Golabgiri) Rose Water Distillation ceremony. This ceremony happens every  year At a specified time which annual many prople trip to Iran for  visit this amazing Phenomenon closely. Be with us if you want know more about this

Rose Water Distillation  is done in many desert cities in Iran but in Kashan and cites around that is more impressive. Kashan is a city near center desert is located beyond Karkas mount and central mountians. Niyasar and Ghamsar are cites near Kashan that are hosts of thousands  tourists who trip to Iran  for visit this beauty ceremony for two or three weeks. Surrounding villages such as Sar, Sadeh and .. because of cold and dry climate, flowers blooms more late so achieve more thick Rose water

You can observe big rose garden  and clear ditches every where. Implant Rose flowers has archaism more than 7000 years and Rose Water Distillation ceremony has archaism about 1000 years that during the history has not changed. Ghmsar Rose water is known as the best rose water in the world and has a amazing and magical smell and unique qualify

Every year in may month before every thing carry big pots to river for wash and during the washing read mantras then they fill the pots full of water Rose petal and achieve water rose by Distillation.  I should to say 2 points for complete this post. First is every year on 2 september wash kabba (holiest structure for muslims ) by Ghmsar Rose water And second is Coinciding with this event(water rose distillation), ”Golghaltan” ceremony is done that babies The first spring live on, Marinated in  the flowers and  wish for them health and happiness

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