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Original Iranian carpet, a reson for trip to Iran

4.5 out of 5

Carpet is most important handicraft of Iran and Tabriz is capital of handmade carpet. About 40% handmade carpet woven in Tabriz, so we can understand carpet has important position for  Iranian people, you can find easily carpet in every Iranian house

The oldness Iranian carpet got out from grave’s one of the Scythian kings in 1949 A.D with Achaemenid role and relief and has famed as the Pazirik carpet(pazirik is a valley in Mongolia [ Mongolia And many of countries around Iran were parts of Iran that during the history has separated ]). Experts has estimated archaism of this carpet about 2000 years ago. Pazirik as well as its role and relief shows it’s belongs to Achaemenid. Dimensions of carpet is 210 C.M and 183 C.M. Evidence that all the experts are agreed on it, is Iranian role an reliefs horses and fallow Persian deer and using of different color which its

shows has wovend in perfect workshop. The reason of Durability of carpet is freezing and Glacial of that local

the necessary condition for woven such as this amazing carpet is art and strong culture background.Xenophon Greek historian in his book ( manner of Cyrus the great  ) has written “Iranian for their comfortably bed , Carpets were spread” and also in The Chinese Calendar “sooe soo” the Iranian carpet is named as the Imported goods at the Sasanid period (more than 1400 years ago)  The peak of classic period time’s carpet belongs to (1499-1722 A.D). from this period about 3000 carpets has saved in  world great museums and In private collections.Follow us to know more about  Tehran carpet museum as the one of the Iran attractive places in future post      If you are interested in carpet, trip to Iran can be the best choose for you and also you can benefit the Iran tours for economic efficiency