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Amazing Sareyn

4.5 out of 5

Sareyn is located city in west of Ardabil. Sareyn at Persian means source. the reason of being famous is sources of hot water and original “Sabalan” nature so that every year about four Million tourists visit this area and its change to one of the Iran attractive places which its one of the main destination for who want to trip to Iran and also for Iran travel agencies This city Because of the tourist parameter has many hotels and hotel apartments. One of the most famous hot water sources is “Gav mish geli” where its full of person who come here for heal. This hot water source Is located at an altitude of 1940 meters above sea level and has big open pool. The taste of this water is sour, effeminate and a bit smelly. Source has many anions such as Sodium, sulphate, potassium and …These anions help to heal of many sickness hypertension and skin valetudinary and etc. “Sabalan” hot water source, ”besh bechlar” are others hot waters. The other reason of attractive place of this local is “Kandogh” a historical village is located in east of Sareyn. Village has many valley that most of them have hot water sources and most famous of them is “dare zard (yellow valley)”. At the top of this valley beyond mount are many digs such as underground city and has founded many historical things here that belongs to “Parthian” period (more than 1700 years ago).” Mardan balaghi” is clear source is suit for sickness and “torsh sooee (sour water)” is source with sour and Sparkling water that heals stomach and tummy sickness. Both of these visitable places is located in this beauty village. If you want to trip to Iran, you should to taste “ashe doogh” that is one the most delicious food and its Sareyn local food.Fresh dairy and natural honey are products of this local and if you travel to Iran and Sareyn, you can buy these products as the souvenirs