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Chogha Zanbil temple

4.5 out of 5

Temples in Iran always have famed and you can find many ancient temples in Iran. Chogha Zanbil is ancient temple is located in 45 K.M from east south of “Shoosh” , “haft tapeh” ( seven hills)”. “Ziggurats Chogha Zanbil” is symbol of art and Elamite period architecture. This Iran attractive place Discovered in 1933 A.D and between 1951 and 1962 Was pulled from the soil.During the history temple has changed many names such as Ziggurats, Zighurats and Doraventash.temple has 2 fence that in inner fence has been 7 gates and in front of Stairway has been 7 place for sacrifice and its score for who want to trip to Iran and loves exciting because this place is so mysterious.Chogha zanbil is first moument was registered in UNESCO. Elamite has build this structure for pray the gods and has 105 meters width and 52 meters height and has build by “Aventesh-neperishe” in 13 century B.C Temple had 5 floor that its remains 2/5 floor now and in the fifth floor was “Inshoshenak” the goddess of gods and protected Shoosh city. Local people believed to this god went to sky from this place and then returns to this floor.You can see streams in all paths which it used for passing water and air cooling.All temple around has covered by stones that I many places seen footprint of babies, the reason of that is not clearly. Ziggurats in Elamite language means to temple and Chogha Zanbil means to inverse Basketry(its pointer to appearance of temple) Most famous structure of this monument are First fence is contain of North west temple, Quadrilateral temple, triple temples,big gate and Chariot Gate Second fence is contain of Shoosh gate, blocked gate, Reservoir, tombs palace You can use the Iran tours of Iran travel agencies for travel to Iran and specially for visit this amazing place