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Mesr desert

4.5 out of 5

Mesr is name of a village in the heart of Iran, between “Damghan” to “Naeen” road and is located in “Isfahan” province, the reason of being famous is beauty desert around the village .this village is known as one of the Iran attractive place for whomever want to trip to Iran and specially for Iran travel agencies This beautiful village is called with several names such as “Chahderaz”, “kalate uesf”,”mazrae usef” photography lovers can take beautiful and unique photos. traveling to this village begins usually in November and continues to end of march. The deserts around the vaillage at Foothills has formed Beautiful sand dunes hill and many of tourists who travel to Iran visit this amazing place Many people from urban environments and in search of silent places to find peace. you might find this silence easily in the desert. the attractions near this village are “Chal salankoon”, “Neyzar mesr (Mesr Canebrakes)”, “Daryache namak salankoon (salt lake of Salankoon)”,”Takhte abbasi” and “Takhte aroos”The reason behind naming this is 1977 ‘s flood which has created a big lake, “Salankoon “ which in local language means flood. You can enjoy visiting “Farahzad” village with beautiful groves and resting under their shadows too. Canebrakes is located in 6 K.M from east of “Mesr” which height reaches to around 5 meters and this place is for animals to drink water. Biking, offroad, camel riding are part of entertainments that you can use.Every year many agencies hold Iran tours for desert lovers and invite them to an unrepeatable experience of staying in desert “if you are a captive of desert, desert never leaves you alone.” Says Austrian Geographer and tourist, Doctor Alfones Gabreala