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Sahebgharaneah palace

4.5 out of 5

Many of palaces in Tehran have made in Pahlavi and Qajar period ( between 70 and 200 years ago ) “ king Naseraldin” commanded to structure of this palace in Sa’ad abad complex (Sa’ad abad is area in Tehran north with nice climate) more than 130 years ago This iran attractive palace has made in 2 floors. he in thirty one_th called himself “Sahebe gharn (owner of century) “ because in the past every century has been 30 years and when a person pass the 30 years called himself century owner.And after the name of this palace has changed to “Sahebgharaneah ” . after many years “king Mozafe” changed design of palace. Many of important and landmark contract such as Constitution order and happened many important ceremonies in this palace such as wedding of “Mohamadreza” king and his wife “Fozieah” The basement is name “Hozkhaneh” and near of that was house with 40 rooms for king’s wives and after many years destroyed by “ king Reza”.in this moment use of “Hozkhneh” for Reception and Informal ceremony.this palace has been work palace of “mohammad reza pahlavi king” Wooden roof is related to more than 700 years go and has brought here from shiraz city. You can observe elegance and eye-catching role and reliefs every where In the middle of palace is eye-catching Aeeneh hall (mirror hall) that on the one side is big window facing to south and you can observe, and on the other side is another window facing to north and you have nice view to Alborz mountain. In the beyond windows, big Woodcarving door is located. This fantastic hall is main reason for who want to trip to Iran and Tehran is one of the their destination. In Tehran is another “Aeeneh” hall in “Golestan” palace but in terms of beauty and being large, “Sahebgharaneah” is more eye-catchingWe can divide “Sahebgharaneah” in 2 partsbig hall contain of “Aeeneh” hall and many elegance rooms and seraglio if you want to trip to Iran by Iran travel agencies and Tehran is one of the cites in your plane, visit of this amazing place can be lasting memory for you