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About Kermanshah

As one of the oldest centers of civilization, Kermanshah has gained a great importance in the history of Archaeology. One can visit the famous rock Carvings of Bisetun , and Taq– e- Bustan, near this city. Those at Bisetuncelebrate Darius’s triumph over the enemies, and those at Taq– e –Bustan mark the revival of rock – sculpture in Sassanian time

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History & Culture

The city of historical tour of Iran, or we can call a part of Iran history. Kermanshah is located in the center of the province and has a temperate climate. Kermanshah is one of the ancient cities of Iran and it is said that,Tahmores Divband, a mythical ruler of the Pishdadian had constructed it. Some attribute its constructions to Bahram Sassanid. During the reign of Qobad I and AnushirvanSassanid, Kermanshah was at the peak of its glory. But in the Arab attack suffered great damage. Concurrent with the Afghan attack and the fall of Esfahan, Kermanshah was destroyed due to the Ottoman invasion. But from the beginning of the 11th century AH.

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