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Iran nature tours are designed for all nature lovers of all ages and are usually aimed at sightseeing, getting in touch with wildlife, learning about natural history and environmental protection. There are various types of nature tours that usually take place on weekends and you can accompany them on your own.

Since man began his journey to discover his surroundings, the first trips of nature began in fact. However, the tourism and tourism industry does not have a long history. Apart from the pollutants and pollution that are growing on the ground every day, nature has taken on a life of its own and still creates spectacular wildlife and landscapes.

When you get out of your living environment and you go to an environment other than the urban and rural environments, you have actually started your nature tour. The busy life of today's world drives more people into nature, and the environment around us is constantly undergoing changes that we humans have made. Nature trips are becoming more and more common among all walks of life, but what tools and skills do you really need to get into nature and any area?

Natural attractions include deserts, snowy areas, forests, mountains, meadows, beaches, marshes, caves, oceans, cliffs, and rivers, as well as unique wildlife forms where environments live. (Animals, birds, insects, and plants).

Our beloved country of Iran is also full of natural resources and godly beauties. Iran nature tours are usually one or more days away. If you love natural resources and the environment, you can join these nature tours.

Best nature tours destinations

Hiking in Iran is not limited to excursions to forests. The climate of Iran four season’s country provides a truly natural environment for hiking and fishing in Iran. The most important types of Iran nature tours include hiking tours in the lush northern climates, hiking, desert climbing, caving, water sports, and hiking.

Nature tour of the Mesr desert

One of the most spectacular and beautiful sightseeing attractions is a trip to the heart of the desert. The Mesr desert, covered in the warm sand, infinitely vast, with stunning views and with the silence and peacefulness that only the desert has, can be one of the most memorable Iran nature tours for every tourist. Golden bushes and sand dunes, with beautiful landscapes, are a great destination for day trips.

In addition to watching the beautiful desert scenery and enjoying the endless silence and tranquility of the desert, one can enjoy the fun of riding on the desert sand dunes. Don't worry about the Off-road cars, there are places in the desert where the Off-road cars can be rented and get an exciting Off-road experience. Wheels are also available for surfing the desert sand dunes. Camel riding is also fun in the desert. Desert nights and watching the starry desert sky is one of the beauties of the Mesr desert journey, and also the desert's climate is free of any air pollution.

Visiting the salt lake is another sightseeing attraction in the Mesr desert.

The Mesr Desert, or village of Mesr, located in the middle of Damghan Road to Nain in Isfahan Province, is 45 kilometers from the city of Jandaq, a total of 8 hours from Tehran. A village in the heart of the desert with amazing views.

The desertification of Mesr is due to the presence of a man named Yusuf, who helped dig the deep wells of the village, and was able to supply the village with the water he needed. At first, people called the village along well which Yousef did not like. Since the story of Yusuf the Prophet happened in the deserts of Mesr and his name was Yusuf, his own proposal was called the village of Mesr.

Due to the desert and warm climate of the desert, the best time to travel to the Mesr Desert is from mid-October to late April, with the desert heat less warm. In the autumn days, a t-shirt is enough but the desert nights are cold and it is best not to bring a jacket with you. Winter travel is a better time because bitter animals like snakes, scorpions and rattlesnakes have fallen asleep.


Nature tour of Masal

Mount Masal, located on the heights of Talesh, is a beautiful city with dreamy landscapes. The area has lush and lush mountains, beautiful forests, high rivers and cascading waterfalls. The spectacular sights of Masal are a great destination for tourists and travelers who like to try Iran nature tours.

The beautiful city of Masal, located in the city of Masal in the Talesh Mountains. It is located next to Talesh city in Gilan province, which is 60 km from Rasht. Masal distance from Tehran is totally of 6 hours.

The city of Masal lies along the Khalkaei River. Masal is a mountainous city in the highlands and is the second-highest city of Gilan after Rudbar. It has beautiful countryside and dreamy scenery.

Masal's climate is cold in the fall and winter, but cool in spring and summer. But every season of the year, you get fresh and clean air in Masal.

Attractions in Masal include the countryside, waterfalls, caves, the riverside park and its monuments.

Masal's most famous and popular attraction is the countryside. The camping area is perfect for a camping trip with an enjoyable travel experience. Accommodation in wooden cottages is also a pleasure. Masal hotels can also be used for accommodation.

Nature tour of Filband

The village of Filband in the city of Amol has become a popular destination for travelers in recent years. The magnificent and pristine scenery of this bungalow along with the pleasant summer climate is a feature of the Filbend. The Cloud Sea is the most notable attraction of Filband, which is the main motivation for travelers to travel to the countryside.

Watching the sunrise and sunset over the cloud sea, hiking in the area, and enjoying the pleasant air and landscapes of Filband are a pleasure to travel to Filband.

The Filband countryside is located in Babol city.

The village of Filband is located at an altitude of 2300 meters above the sea level in the Alborz Mountains.

Due to the difficult access to the area, there is no guesthouse or hotel in the area, and local houses and villas can be used to stay in the area.

The best time to travel to Filband is from May to early fall. The pleasant summer climate of Filband attracts many travelers in the summer. Autumn, like spring, has a lot of rainfall, but in winter, it is cold and snowy.

 In each of the types of nature trips, you will have experiences that will create the best memories for you. If you are interested in astronomy, get your telescope and go on night travels and desert climbing. For example, the Mesr Desert Tour in Iran is very popular. On one-day hiking tours, you can go around nature around your location and spend your day differently. Iran nature tours to the northern nature of Mazandaran and Gilan, such as the Lefor forests or the Hirkani forests are full of spectacular attractions and scenic environments. Apart from sightseeing tours, even in other countries, you can go for more different safari and nature tours. Visit butterflies and other animals in the Amazon jungle-like its leopards and ants, or watch the largest wildlife on earth in Safari Africa.

The most beautiful areas of nature in Iran

Qeshm Geo-park

Badab Surt of Mazandaran

Turkaman Desert

Masouleh, Masal

Central Desert and Dasht-e Lut

Sarein, Asalem Road to Khalkhal


Kish Island

Orman, Kurdistan and Kermanshah

Margoon waterfall, Bishe waterfall


Alimanat Lake and Alimestan Forest

Tour of sobatan

Mesr Desert Tour

Hiking tour of Abr forest

One day tour of Lefor forest


Tours by Shahdad Kalut and many others


Our beloved country of Iran has many natural and scenic landscapes that can satisfy travelers with any taste. Wonderful scenery combined with a nice climate can be a great destination for sightseeing tours at any time of the year. Friendly and hospitable people are waiting for travelers to various parts of Iran along with local and gourmet cuisine. In fact, due to the diverse nature of the world, there are many types of hiking and nature trips.

Every corner of Iran has its own four seasons of its own beauty and displays a different face of the unique coexistence of different natural areas and climates. You can drive to the desert with an hour's drive or travel the lush forests to the north. Iranians owe this beautiful nature to the geographical location of the country in Iran. If you are interested in Iranian beauties, you can try one of the Iran nature tours and start your adventure on the pristine and unfamiliar nature of Iran.

Finally it is necessary to mention that, nature tourism is nothing but environmental protection and responsible travel to sustainability. Those wishing to participate in the field of nature tourism should also accept the nature tourism principles to enjoy traveling to nature and protecting it at the same time.

Iran Nature Tours