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Iran Nomad Adventure Tours

In my Idea, Nomads are considered professional travellers, since they are always moving. This movement gave them a unique style and culture. I think anyone with any taste from anywhere should at least experience living among Nomads once in his or her lifetime because:

Iran nomad tours

Iran Nomad Adventure Tours

The nomadic peoples' lives are traversed twice a year, cruising the mountains and the hills and experiencing the hardships of crossing valleys, rivers and mountains to reach rivers and water. And find better air. In the past, the number of Iranian nomads was much bigger, helping Iran tourism industry, but over time many of them came together, although there are still nomads who adhere to their settlement and the simple and intimate lives of their peoples in different parts of Iran. If you want to know where the nomads can be found, follow us in the text.

Iran nomad cities

In our Iran nomad tours, you are able to choose which tribe you want to spend your tour with. Iran's main nomad tribes are Qashqai tribe which are a mix of tribes with Lur, Kurdish, Arab and Turkish roots, and although their main focus is on Fars province, some of them are in Kohgiluyeh and Bavir Ahmad, Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari, Khuzestan, and Isfahan. Ant the Bakhtiari tribes that live in Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari, Khuzestan, Lorestan, Kohgluyeh and Boyer Ahmad and Isfahan and speak the Bakhtiari dialect, which is a dialect of the Lori language. Although many of these tribes have been settled for many years, some of them still do not forget the long-standing tradition of nomads and spend the winter in the eastern plains of Khuzestan and summer in the west of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari. 

1- It is a chance to get to know a completely different world

Have you ever seen people who live in a tent, travel by animals, hunt to find their food, drink the spring water, and the strangest of all, a man carrying a goat behind his neck to cross a river, in a city? Definitely not. The closet experience most of us had to the Nomad lives, was when we camped for a night in the jungle and we had cellphones and ready food (we didn’t have to hunt for it), therefore believe me when I say this is a completely new world we are speaking about. 

2- You can see a new culture and talk to the natives

The most important and the largest in number nomads of Iran are the Qashqai tribe. Reaching to nearly 1 million citizens, most of them are Turkic, Lur, Kurd, and Arab, they have their own Qashqai language but many of them know Farsi (Iranian national language as well). They are very hospitable and share whatever they have with their guests. You can experience all the advantages and disadvantages of this lifestyle if you join them for a cup of tea or small talk.

3- You can feel the nature at the bottom of your heart

Who doesn't want to be away from sound and air pollution at least for some days or to experience a lifestyle without electronica devices, where anyone can enjoy the true nature of Iran and eat healthy natural food? In my Idea nomads breathe the cleanest air and eat the healthiest foods. Take your chances and explore nature with them.

4- This experience will affect you more than you think

To travel by Iran Nomad tour and live how our ancestors used to live will awaken feelings long forgotten in you and it will seem like you always had something very related to nomads way of leaving in your heart. This experience will change you in many ways and after this vacation, you won't be the person you used to be.

5- Unfortunately, Nomads are decreasing in number year after year and it is your last chances

The biggest reason for this fall in number is the nomad women asking their men to settle down. The problems like lack of rights, hard work, the knowledge that other Iranian women have easier lives, and many more problems have made nomad women decide this way and when you talk to them most of them want their children to marry a non-nomad person so that they can easily move to a city.

Anyway maybe these years are the golden time to see this way of life and if I were you I would have used this chance till there is still time.


In this adventure Iran tour, you will be staying in nomadic local homes, experiencing their daily lives, cooking with them, eating local food, enjoying the beautiful nature of Iran and becoming more familiar with Iranian culture. In our Iran nomad tour program, you will see both historical sites and unique Iranian landscapes. If you are interested in joining and living with the tribes of Iran, spend a few days with them and see their sophisticated way of livelihood, contact us.



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nomad tourMark Kostas
23 Dec 2019

As a humanism student, I wanted to visit the Iran nomad style of life and get to know them more. I found this Iran travel agency through the internet and got interested even more by reading their interesting blogs. For me Gapatour was a very good choice and I got everything I was promised at a very reasonable price. Since the Iran tour packages could be customized I asked to stay with the Bakhtiari tribe more. My leader was very professional and had a lot of helpful information. I recommend Gapatour to the tourists interested in traveling to Iran.

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