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Luxury trips are largely tied to sea and beach recreation. When you search the word "luxury travel" on Google, most of the options and images found in Google search are images of beach trips. In countries where these beaches and trips are available, everything is offered as a set of services to the tourist. In Iran, beach resorts are mostly in northern Iran and some cities in southern Iran. In this article, I'm about to explain Iran's luxury sites and accommodations you can experience on your Iran trip. if you are planning to visit Iran in the future, you should read this article.

Iran luxury tour is an opportunity to visit the cultural and historical heritage sites of Iran,  which offers a high level of comfort and services in a pleasant atmosphere.

The island of Kish is one of the islands that was built for beach recreation, but due to some cultural considerations, it offers a special form of a luxury trip. Luxury accommodation in Kish 5 star hotels is more expensive. The most luxurious accommodation is at the Torang Hotel. Opened as the country's first offshore hotel this year, it can be considered one of Iran's most luxurious residences.

At the seaside hotel, seafront suites eat up to $ 1.5 million a night and the advantage is that the terrace opens to the sea and each Royal Suite has a unique outlook for its customers. Daily service to shopping malls, free minibars, freecycling and a gym are among the hotel's other services.

But what makes Kish a lucrative destination is not just the island's star hotels. Originally another part of the luxurious accommodation in Kish relates to coastal settlements and some of the island's coastal towers. The seaside town of Damun, the Aftab coastal tower and some of the beachfront villas are Kish attractions.

luxury travel to iran

Many believe that Kish does not have any luxury restaurants, but seafood is overly public, and services such as safari are available. In addition to the Kish usual recreations, you can rent a Mustang 2015 car for between 300,000 and 400,000 tomans and experience the engine of the car on the belt roads around Kish.

Safari in the desert with star hotels

You may find yourself chasing a long chassis on one of the desert roads and having the habitat and habitat of a desert. The group is sure to make its way to one of the starless hotels in the desert, and in addition to staying overnight, there are many commuting cars with their high chassis on the dunes.

These trips are now part of these trips by the note of the rarest concept of luggage. These trips cost about one million to one and a half million toman for 4 days in the form of desert tours. The cost includes travelling by high-speed chassis from Tehran, providing snacks throughout the trip, staying in relatively deserted suites in the desert, dedicated star observation and safari in the desert dunes.

Of course, a large group of lecturers does not count this trip in the laps, but the rarest note is that these trips fall into the laps. Especially since these trips generally cost a lot of money on the part of the audience, including gadgets for these trips.

For those who do not consider these trips a luxury, take a look at pictures of these trips on social media. Where Salafis are taken from Lexus and Toyota Land Cruise cars, and people with their cars onboard paint a picture of the desert horizon.

Luxury Hotels in Central Desert Cities of Iran

Isfahan and Yazd, by international standards, are not important options for travel, but in Iran with limited travel opportunities, staying at the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan and the Safaie Hotel may not be considered as relatively lucrative travel options in Yazd. The Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan has to spend about two to two and a half million dollars to stay in suites with Safavid and Qajar facilities overnight.

Iran luxury tour

The design of these suites is entirely based on the architectural model of the Safavid and Qajar dynasties and the accommodation in these suites provides the same facilities as the Qajar and Safavid princes.

Tabriz and lakeshore indigenous bazaars

Tabriz is basically a city that has much higher potential for lucrative services than Isfahan and Shiraz. The reason for this is the lucrative spirit in some parts of the city. There are star hotels in the city, relatively more luxury hotels in Tabriz and winter skiing facilities and a rock hotel in Kandovan village has made it one of the best luxury travel options in the city.

In addition, Tabriz has passages and shopping malls that could be a better destination for trips to Shiraz and Isfahan than to Shiraz. Skiing is what can make Tabriz a luxury resort next to Tehran and separate it from other Iranian cities. Skiing in Tabriz can be a great option for leisure activities

Skiers welcome this track because of the city's new runway and lower prices than Tehran. Featuring 2 lifts, a chalet, and sports facilities, the track can host snow and ski lovers for six months of the year. The snow depths of the pistons sometimes reach up to four meters. However, this avalanche track is not stuck and has room for any winter sports.

You can also travel to Mashhad

Mashhad is actually one of the most visited cities in Iran in terms of the Iran tourism industry. There are regular flights, decent hotels, and good service for those wanting to travel to this city. In fact, the best domestic flights in Iran, land in Mashhad. Mashhad is filled with five-star international hotels that offer excellent lucrative services. Such as the luxury Duplex Royal Duplex Suites or the Medina El Reza Hotel Suites.

Besides, Mashhad has more facilities and services than any other city. Especially shopping centres and five-star restaurants can be attractive to many lucrative audiences.

North and relatively lucrative settlements

Travelling to the north is one of the most popular activities of the middle class in Iran. Those who either have a villa or rent a villa and make their weekend by roasting chickens and seafood. But the entertainment in the north does not end there. If you want to take a tour of the north of the country, you must have personal facilities for this trip.

For example in the seaside town of Mahoodabad, in Amirdasht Marzanabad, in luxury Motel Swan villas or salt villas.
Luxury trips to the north were originally made in luxury villas. This is what makes the northbound travel a personal experience. Of course, hotels such as Narangestan, Hyatt Hotels, and Lilium Hotels offer good services.


Iran luxury tour


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