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Doesn’t matter you are professional traveler or not and doesn’t matter your purpose of trip to Iran is for vacation and holiday, business and exhibition, healthcare or camping and traditional nomad. Of course if you are using Iran tour packages can get more success and best result with local tour operators.

No doubt you can arrange your trip by yourself and travel to Iran, but if you can find a good agency and local tour operator to give you professional package with standard and good services you can have more enjoy and better situation with Iran tour packages and also save your time. If you are choosing a local agency don’t forget to inform them your purpose of your trip and give them clear information, it can help them to give you best offer.

Some important different kind of iran tours packages are:

Historical and cultural packages, Eco tours and camping, sport team and athletes, religion trips, exciting and nomad tours, traditional and deserts, business and exhibition, healthcare packages, special tours for ladies Etc.

doesn’t matter you are using individual or group packages but you should choose a good itinerary to enjoy more, also you need to know because Iran is a big country and sometimes passengers need to spend much time to go from place to another place have to arrange a enough duration for your package and it’s duty of your local gent to help you and give you correct advice.

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Different Type Of IRAN Tour Packages

For this section we can have two different part, first is type of services and second is type of purpose. Let’s do it more clear, we talk first for type of services. Normally in Iran when you ask for a package, your local agent will give you a complete of services, for example they try to provide from A to Z for you and when you receive your itinerary will see from arrival time until departure time everything such as: transfers, guide, accommodation, sightseeing and entrance fees and even daily mineral water and insurance, all are included.

But it’s not meaning all of Iran tour packages are like this, so you have to check everything carefully and ask about all services from your local agent. Let’s give you another sample, very important for business or exhibition trip.

Iran has different level of hotels even with same category and if you are going to ask for a seminar or make exhibition have to choose a good and correct location and hotel with your goal and check the facilities you need, otherwise cannot get good and best result. If we want to talk about the purpose of trip first of all have to mention Iran can have many different of trips.


iran tours packages price

Same everywhere and other countries the price of tour or package is deepen to different items and points such as service, hotel category, number of nights and…. The good news about Iran tour price is you can get best quality of services with a very good price and enjoy from your trip. If we want to give you some information about your costs in Iran can divide it to some options like below:

1- Packages and tours: as normally if your package is for ten nights and including accommodation, escort guide, all transfers with driver and parking and toll and gas, all sightseeing with entrance fees, insurance, daily mineral water and even authorization code for visa and all in standard services can be start from 700 USD with 3* hotel up to 1,100+ USD for 5* deepen on number of passengers

2- Meal and foods: when you travel to Iran will find out Iran is very dangerous to get fat, because of many different of delicious and tasty foods and very cheap price with good and high quality. Yes, that’s right this is one of most exciting and fun times for all tourists that are visiting Iran, especially during of evenings stay at local restaurants with amazing foods and local live music and enjoy. You can find different kind of meals in Iran with different price like: fast foods like American fast foods (large size and including menu) just for 2 to 3 USD. Local foods like a set of rice including beef kebab or chicken or fish and similar including drink and salad just for 5 to 8 USD. traditional local food, if you are interesting to test new style and traditional meals Iran is best place, each city and provinces have their own traditional meals, this kind of meals are normally like a stew with rice including yogurt and drink just you pay 4 to 5 USD. International meals that you can find in all big cities are still cheap in price with good quality, it can be 7 to 10 USD. Just the most important point is know where to eat that you can get all information from your guide or local tour operator

3- The cities you choose: Iran has many interesting and historical cities, some are far and some close to capital. If you are interesting to visit some far need take domestic flight and also we have to inform you some cities don’t have enough hotels, so you need to book your hotels very soon.

4- Quality and services: traditional expression of Iran tours say cheap is not without reason and expensive is not without reason, its mean most of the times quality of between cheap offers and expensive offers are different. Totally Iran is not expensive country but if we want to compare packages of Iran together have to inform you check first your itinerary. Important point of your trip in this part is you have to read carefully your itinerary and ask your local agent clear everything for you such as: kind of vehicle is using, places of visit as sightseeing, hotels and location. Sometimes you will see good hotels are cheaper than others maybe it’s because of location, don’t forget to check this point also. Location of your hotel is very important especially in big cities.

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