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About Kashan

You can have experience with Iran culture in your trip to Iran. Kashan has come to be known as the city of genuine beauty for its traditional architecture and houses with indigenous built – inventilation system , special of desert areas, to keep cool air circulating in the building. Kashan is famous for its carpets, velvets, glazed pottery and tiles. Sialk Hill, in this city, is one of the most important archeological sites in Iran which dates back to 5000 B.C. Agha – Bozorg Mosque and Borojerdi House present typical desert architecture of these areas.

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History & Culture

Kashan can be accounted as one of the archaic cities of Iran

Archeological discoveries in the Siyalk Hillocks which lie 4 km west of Kashan reveal that this region was one of the primary centers of civilization in the pre-historic ages. The said hillock flourished during the Sassanide andSafavid periods, and was the capital during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid II. Kashan suffered severe damage during the Saljuqi and Mongol eras. This city and its respective villages were ruined due to earthquakes in the years 1192 AH. and 1260 AH. The city of Kashan has special features in regards architecture, historical and religious sites.

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Kashan is located in the north of the province (ISFAHAN ) and is to the south of Qom. To the west of this township is the Markazi(Central) Province, to the east lies the township of Ardestan and to the south it is within the limits of the townships of Natanz and Esfahan

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