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Travel to Iran cities,most popular tourist cities in IRAN

Whether you want to travel to Iran cheaply or lavishly, there will be limitless options for you.You can also make expensive trips to Iran and spend very well and enjoy it. You can also make short and low-cost trips to Iran. It is up to you. Provides you with the cheapest trips. Iran is filled with Historical, Natural, and cultural visiting sights and has 24 UNESCO world heritage sites, making It one of the best travel destinations for young and old tourists. But these sites are spread all over the country. In order to explore and experience as much as you can in your limited time, in this article I will count the best Iran cities for traveling, their visiting sights, and souvenirs.


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experience traveling to Iran

Have you ever asked yourself why do so many people plan an adventurous trip to a foreign country but so few of them actually go on their dream trip? The answer is simple, everything is easier said than done. When most of us think of a trip, we see it so simple like it’s just packing and booking a flight, but when it comes to traveling to a new country such as Iran, the problems are a little bit more than that. In your Iran travel you should pay attention to so many things such as Iran visa, the question of safety in Iran, not knowing the common tongue, where is the best place to visit or stay, what is the best way of transportation, and so many other things that can make a memorable trip easily flipped to a horrible one.

travel to Iran Attractive Places And Destinations

When we discuss about Iran attractive place, the first question to be answered would be: what is attractive? To some of us historical is attractive, to some luxury sights are attractive and to some nature would be the best point. Iran has many attractive sights that include all of the above. In this article, I’m going to introduce Iran's most attractive visiting sights that would seduce anyone to reserve an Iran tour.

Iran travel

travel to Historical sights of Iran

Iran has around 2500 years of antiquity, making it one of the oldest countries in the world. If you are interested in visiting Cyrus the Great’s tomb or were he ruled (Takht e Jamshid), you should go to Isfahan. If you adore Islamic architecture and tile works, the most attractive place for you is the Safavid capital, Isfahan. In Isfahan you can see the Shah square, Khajoo Bridge, Vank cathedral, and many more. If you are interested in Elamite era and ziggurats, I invite you to travel to the Khuzestan province and visit Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, the first Iranian UNESCO world heritage site. Or if you want to meet the Pahlavi and Qajar styles of living, you should visit Saad Abad and Golestan palace in our capital, Iran. Their mirror hall would astonish you and sometimes Iranian famous singers like Shajarian play concerts on those palaces.

travel to Natural sights of Iran

Iran is a vast four-season country, therefore you can experience all different kinds of climates according to the time of your travel to Iran. Many tourists travel to Iran to feel the dusty sand under their feet in the hottest place of the world, Lut desert. In lut desert you can experience camel riding, safari, and the starriest sky at its nights. If you are into eco-tours and jungle camping, the Hyrcanian Forests (Iran UNESCO world heritage site) is the best place for you. Being very vast and unique, 180 species of birds typical of broad-leaved temperate forests and 58 mammal species have been recorded in these forests. If you are a fan of mountain climbing and snow recreations, Iran has the highest volcano in Asia. Many climbers travel to Iran yearly only to try their chances of climbing Damavand Mountain. You can also enjoy skiing on the Dizin international ski resort or simply enjoy the international ski challenges held there. Iran also has the biggest water cave in the world. Ali Sadr cave is located in the Hamadan and you can enjoy exploring this mysterious sight with a paddleboat

travel to Islands of IRan

Iran has many beautiful islands like Hormoz with its red land and Ghesm with the best view of stars, but the most attractive one of them is Kish. Kish is in Free zone, meaning you can travel to this Island even without visa. Being a free zone Kish has many other advantages too, for example you can find the best stuff at the lowest prices. In Kish you can also rent luxury cars with low budget and experience water recreations like parasailing, underwater diving, Jet Ski, water skiing, and beach clubs. If you are interested, kish has one of the best dolphin parks in Iran too.

Iran tourism with Gapatour travel agency

So let's say you want to travel to a new country to discover its mysteries and sights. Usually, the people from the neighboring countries are comfortable with our culture and know most of our rule and approximately everything about us, so for them traveling with a tour is only the matter of traveling with a group and not alone. But for someone from Europe and eastern Asia or Africa, there are so many things to consider. First and the most important one of them is the language; fortunately most of Iranians know a little bit of English but to have a memorable trip this much won't be enough, you might feel the need to have a native and speaking tour guide to accompany you throughout your whole trip. The second one is our special obligations and rules; if you are Muslim or from an Islamic country you might not find any problems but if other than that you must have a travel agency to explain all of them to you and a tour guide to make sure everything is fine. The third one is that the internet is filled with historical and cultural sights of Iran but one may get confused that according to the time he or she has, what sights are the best to visit in Gapa Tour, we have a lot of different packages for different tastes but what is the same around all of them is that they all cover the most beautiful sights of Iran. The fourth reason is the hotel or transportation, yes I know that you can reserve them online but in Gapa Tour we specialists that know the best and luxurious five-star hotels of Iran, and the best airlines for your domestic flights. According to the experience we gained in all these years we will provide you with the best. The fifth reason to choose an Iran travel agency for your Iran travel is the services you will have. But you have to be careful about the travel agency you choose and make sure it is reliable. Gapa Tour is one of the most reliable Iran travel agencies in the countries and you can see that in all of the comments the kind people who had an experience traveling with us, left in the Trip Advisor website. In Gapa Tour we provide you all the services, you might need for his or her travel, except for packing your bag of course. Let our professional staff help you with your new experience.

Is trip to Iran safe??

If you are planning a trip to Iran and you are uncertain about Iran tourism safety, you must know, According to the thousands of visitors, Iran is as safe as Italy or UK and is known as the friendliest country in the Middle East. Iran has a glorious Islamic architecture mixed with the warmest welcoming people which would amaze you in so many ways and bring you a memorable trip. Although Iran is a safe county and a very good destination for tourists to come to, it is the best to travel by a tour, because Iran tour operators and travel agencies will arrange you a native speaking tour guide who knows our rules and culture, to accompany you throughout your whole trip to Iran and prevent any undesirable problems. Gapatour as one of the best travel agencies has hired professional staff in Iran can help you in this manner.

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