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Naghshe jahan Square

4.5 out of 5

“Naghshe jahan” square is one of beautiful and , is located in Isfahan city and the archaism of this monument is related to “Safavieh” period (more than 450 years ago) This rectangular form square with The dimensions of 507 by 158 meteras is destination for Iran travel agencies and links another ancient places together such as “Kakhe sar dar gheysarea”, “Bazaar gheysarea”, “Sheykh lotfollah mosque” “Alighapoo” and “Imam mosque In the past this place was a big garden with name of “Naghshe jahan” and after nominate capital for Isfahan, King decided to built a square on this place and also Where the government buildings and places for kings Many of parts of this monument has destroyed during the war attack (specially in Afghanestan Attack) such as “Naghare khane” and after that agents and government didn’t care about rebuilding, Till in “king Reza” period, He order to rebuilding many of destroyed monuments that “ Naghshe jahan ” square was one of them Square has been place for ancient ceremony (Norooz, is main Iranian ceremony and its share between Persian languages countries), celebrate ceremony, willow, religious ceremony such as “Tazeah” and etc Today about 200 cells are in this place that most of them sell local handicraft and you can buy elegance and valuable souvenir for yourself When you stay in middle of square, Look in any direction has, Has another views ancient places and its important parameters for tourists because you can visit many places in minimum time, So if you have any plan for trip to Iran dont forget visit this place please follow us on social medias