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Iran medical tours

Due to the low cost of health care in Iran on a global scale, our country has an enormous capacity to attract medical tourists and Iran medical tours from Islamic countries and the region, to the extent that due to the favorable conditions created after the lifting of sanctions, the ground for becoming Iran is a leading country in medical tourism at the regional level. Iran is one of the top five advanced biotechnology countries in the world and 9 out of 15 biotechnology molecules are used here. In many parts of our country (including Sarein in Ardebil, Mahallat, GNU in Bandar Abbas and Ferdows in Khorasan) there are mineral springs that accommodate many patients. Infertility treatments, stem cell therapy, dialysis, cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgery and eye surgery are also available in Iran. Health care in Iran is safer, more scientific, and cheaper. Currently, a quarter of the country's hospitals are active in the field of health tourism and have a ranking of one to five in the specialized fields of eye, heart, beauty, infertility and neurology. In addition to performing cosmetic surgeries (especially nose surgery), it has its own tourists and is one of the high-profile areas of medical tourism in Iran.

Iran medical tours

The Iran tour packages explained in this page are complete but if you want we can customize the dates and destination to your taste and needs. All you have to do is to email all the info about your desired customized tour and our staff will call you as soon as they can.

iran medical tours

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