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History and civilization are an integral part of each country's identity, especially in Iran cultural tours. Countries that benefit from this and make good use of its tourism potential have made significant strides in their tourism industry. Iran is also one of the countries that attract the attention of every tourist with its many millennia of history. Iran has listed 21 ancient and historical monuments in the UNESCO list with souvenirs from the ancient world. If we look at Iran's past in the form of several identities and historical perspectives, we can point to the lineage of civilization, ancient Iran and Safavid Islam as the most important demands of Iranian monuments. Experience one of the best journeys of all by Historical tours and cultural tours of Iran.
Iranian culture is rich in beauty, art and happiness, and is rich in unique delicacies. The delicacies embedded in the intent of increased happiness and excitement and therefore, more enjoyment of life. Examples of these delicacies can be seen from Persian poetry and literature and its worldwide fame and influence (the works of Rumi, Ferdowsi, Hafez and Saadi) to the place of humour and music in Iranian culture. Visual arts and visual pleasures have a special place in Iranian culture. Apart from Iranian carpets (known worldwide for their beauty), enamel, embroidery, carving, engraving, and dozens of other arts show considerable Iranian interest in beauty and elegance. Various Iranian dishes are another symbol of the delicacy of Iranian culture. Despite the resemblance of Iranian stews to some Indian cuisine or the similarity of Iranian kebabs to Greek and Arabic kebabs, Iranian food still has many unique elements. 

Iran cultural tours
 Elements of Iranian culture go beyond the borders of the Islamic Republic, and its bold traces can also be found in neighbouring independent countries; Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and the Kurdish and Iraqi cultures, all of which are almost part of the culture. They have inherited Iran. From Farsi and national festivals such as Nowruz and the Solar Calendar to Shiite religion, Iranian music and architecture.

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Iran cultural Tours

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