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What makes Trip memorable?

If you’ve ever studied the psychology of memory, you will know that many different factors play a role in determining what people remember including:

The amount of attention being paid

The novelty of the information

The nature and strength of the emotions that are evoked and etc.

Anything that gets stuck in your mind shall have at least one of the above specialties. But how about a memorable trip?

A memorable trip is not in the destination itself, but in the small moments and memorable experiences, you allow yourself to have.

A great journey begins the moment you get the longing to go and stays with you long after you come home. Oftentimes, what you encounter in your travels is really a reflection of your own inner state.

They say that you should consider below points to make your trip memorable:

Set your intentions and find inspiration

Leave your familiar comforts at home

Tune in to your surroundings

Allow for serendipity to come

What you experience stays with you

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Let's make the best memorable trip

If your intention is to unplug and disconnect from your daily life, leave your laptop at home, turn off your cell, and opt for silence. This allows you to be present and see things differently. Getting into a rhythm different from your normal life is part of the journey’s experience. And yes, it’s okay to disappear from loved ones at home. You are in a different time, space, and frame of mind once you leave the familiar behind. Take the journey as an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, discover new perspectives, and see the beauty in everything. Feel the energy of the mountain. Let it in through you, flow with it.

The power of a place that has touched something in you can stay long after the journey is over. Retrieve the essence of a place by closing your eyes and letting your mind and soul revisit the place, wherever you are.

King Jamshid

Think of the feelings and sensations that arose in you when you were there. Remember the textures, sounds, and scents. You’ll be back in that magical place again, taking in the beautiful energy once more. Try this inner exercise when you need a new perspective.

It’s time to become the best version of yourself. Let all the stress go and discover the world you’ve always dreamed about. We for sure recommend you the discovery of the land of legendary, where somehow they say that in the middle of the heart of the mountains somewhere there is the palace of King Jamshid and all the beauty of documentations on TV, Iran.

Let’s start with the most unforgettable experience of your Iran trip possible right away. The Cloud Jungle hike in Shahroud City is one of the most iconic hikes you will have ever done. Standing on top of the hills and mountain, watching the clouds dancing through the hall of huge trees right under your feet gives you a feeling you will never forget.

The most amazing village, after having one night or more camping in the cloud forest, right on your path surfing the north of Iran which is aiming your memorable trip sit in your mind even longer that is supposed, Masule.

Can you imagine a road to the sky? With all equality and nice things and happiness among its inhabitants? Where the roof of some people in your yard full of flowers and flowerpots and yours is your neighbor’s yard, again field with flowers and small trees. You are that friend with your neighbors that whenever your wish for you could climb the stairs, go up or down and chat with your beloved neighbors. Make Ash-e-Reshte together, and share it with other neighbors of yours and give some of this delicious food free to the visitors and tourists and all of a sudden small drops of rain on your face and they warmly invite you to go inside with them. Be hosted with tea and newly baked bread. As up mentioned the needed not to forget things, one is the evoked emotions. The smile of the old women's faces when putting homemade cheese on the bread in unforgettable is what that makes you a very nice memorable trip.

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Top 7 Iran UNESCO world heritage Sites

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Best day trip – Qazvin

There are few cities in Iran more suitable for a day trip than Qazvin. You can easily see the very best of Qazvin in just one day and it’s also nice to visit with kids. It is almost flat. Not like Tehran that is built on hills, Qazvin is really flat, wide streets and pavements. You also want to know that it is so known for the union it has for bike rider women. From any age range, you’ll see a bike rider friend city that even very old ladies are enjoying their trips through town. If you want a  trip to Iran, and you are having your Iran tour with kids, don’t miss this city and its sweets. Some places that you should see are Sad-o-Saltane, Amini’s House, Alamoot castle, where Hassan Sabah defended it very hard and took him a long time to do so. The castle is really mysterious and so many archeologists are now working on it.


There also some rumors that Assassins got started from this castle. Do you have anything for them?? Then don’t miss the chance of figuring either the rumor is right or wrong, maybe there will be an assassin who has just arrived from his Iran travel through time to say his blessing to one of the graves, who know??

You are going to have a lot of attention to pay to all the surprises, the novelty of the information that will come to you is so much and the nature and strength of the emotions that are being evoked have no description if and only if you pay attention to the point above mentioned.

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