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Why buying a souvenir?

Take a look around you, or around the places that you commonly love, your home, your own bedroom, your work office.  It is full of some stuff and memories and nothing more. Of course, you have some or at least one good or bad memory with any of the stuff surrounding you. Those that you don’t remember any specific thing about, are meaningless and not important at all. What if you're going somewhere, and start making memories with your surroundings? The place that you are in, let’s assume is absolutely new, you may have seen pictures from it or not.

You may take a physical piece of your sweet memories from your trip with you.

Think need, not want

Keep a list of practical, everyday items you know you need, like a frying pan or a new pair of sneakers. If you buy something from this list while you’re on vacation, it’s a double-whammy of a souvenir win—the item is guaranteed to be useful and will evoke memories of that destination every time you use it. “We needed some salad servers, so I bought some beautifully curved ones from Lalejin, Hamedan,” Button says. “They’re not something that I’m going to stick on a shelf, but an active part of my life.”

If your willpower is wobbling over a little souvenir that isn’t as useful as salad tongs, Button suggests asking yourself: “If I buy this Sofaline, am I willing to keep it on my desk?” If the answer is yes, there’s meaning to the purchase. If the answer is no, you’ll probably regret buying it far more than putting it back on the store’s shelf. 


We’ve all felt that urge: the obligation to bring home a gift for friends, family, or co-workers. So many souvenirs, though, are decorative or ornamental—and since taste is so personal, they’ll effectively just end up as dust-catchers. As gifts, only buy edible items: head to a supermarket and browse for unfamiliar local candy, chocolate, or other non-perishables. (Yes, you should fill your bag with Gaz at every Esfahan supermarket.) These types of souvenir gifts are interesting, unexpected, and can be sincerely loved.

Finally, Traveling is about experiences, memories and sharing them when we return home. For many of us, souvenirs that remind us of a special place on our travels also make their way into our backpacks. But is our keenness to have a physical reminder of our trip helping or hurting anyone?

Always try and support local producers, makers, and artisans. This way, you are giving back to the community that is supporting you on your travels, you will meet fascinating people and have more interesting stories to tell.

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Best of Iran souvenirs

When you travel to Iran, you will for sure visit its great bazaars in different cities as Shiraz, Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz or other cities, keep it mind bazaars are also so special to meet so don’t miss them.

All these bazaars are full of various interesting things mostly just found in Iran. So you have to know about what you will see there in advance so that you don’t get confused there and know what to look for and please find that the souvenirs for each city are totally unique, so visiting all the bazaars won’t make you see repeated stuff.


Persian Carpets

No doubt everyone knows well how famous Persian carpets and rugs are. Most of Iran visitors decide to buy Persian carpet as a souvenir. They can be used as frames on the wall or decorate your room spaced on the floor. The most amazing part of Iran's souvenirs is them. It may take for some of them to be made for even more than five years working every day. Handwoven Persian carpets are usually made of silk, wool, or a combination of silk and wool. Those which are 100% pure silk, have a shiny finish. But wool is the most common material used in rugs. The Best place to find Persian rug is Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz. It can be also found in Kashan, Isfahan, Tabriz and Tehran bazaars.

Persian Carpets

Carpets have been that important in Iranian culture, which is one the ancient mosques the paintings of the ceiling of Gonbad, where exactly printed and woven on the carpet under it. Can you imagine that beauty?

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Pistachio, Nuts, and Saffron

The delicious Iranian Souvenirs. Most Iran visitors consider buying pistachio for themselves or as a souvenir for their friends. Pistachios are sold in two shapes, shelled pistachios and pistachio seeds. If you like to buy shelled pistachio, you’d better buy “Akbari”, “Kale Qoochi” or “Ahmad Aqai” pistachios which are the most famous with the best quality among all; therefore, they are a bit more expensive.

Beside pistachio, there are variously salted and unsalted dry fruits in every Iranian bazaar such as almonds, dates, melon seeds and other nuts of every size and shape which you cannot imagine! The salted nuts are constantly used by Iranians as snacks. Saffron is another thing special to Iran and an indispensable part of the Persian kitchen. This is also a good choice as a souvenir. To get more information about saffron, make sure to read our article on Persian Saffron.

Handmade Clothes, Pottery, and Ceramics

Different cities in Iran have different handmade cloths special to themselves.

Iran Caviar

The Iranian caviar is known as the best caviar in the world, and so it is a lucrative export good from Iran. Persian caviar is mostly collected from sturgeons near Bandar-e Torkaman, in the north of Iran. Robert Courteline believes Persian caviar tastes like a sea candy, filled with iodine and powdered with mystery!

Khatamkari, Mina Kari, Persian Jewelry and Precious Stones

They are luxurious ones.

Rose Water

Rosewater, or what is called Golab in Persian, is taken from the perfumed flowers which have been planted for about 7000 years in Iran. Which city has the best rose water in Iran? Well, Kashan county in Isfahan has the purest and most delicious rose water in Iran. There are two small villages in Kashan, named Qamsar and Niasar, in which rosewater is produced with special ceremonies.

There is no end for Iran souvenirs beauty, variation and joy of buying, so enjoy your trip to Iran and buying Iran souvenirs.