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Vakil complex

4.5 out of 5

Vakil complex

Karim khan Zand was Iran king who was known by his nice manner and justice.he lived and ruled at 1770.he nominated shiraz as his capital and built many structures which its fame by name of zandi complex and it contains of  Cistern, bathroom, mosque, bazaar and …This complex is one of the best destinations for Iran travel agencies for passengers who want to visit Iran

Vakil bathroom

 The bathroom is placed near bazar and vakil mosque at the shiraz city center. The amazing part of this structure is Predominantly for king place.The Technology that it used in heating and cooling system is really amazing that it caused had least waste energy, as the simple floor cover by stones and under the stones has  many Corridors which are made very hot by passing steams as soon as you think!in the part of bathroom wall painted about intersting and dreams of people, traditional and religion

vakil bazar

Vakil bazar after many years stills almost healthly and well that its one of the  iran attractive place is one of most fameuse traditional and historical iran bazar.All of the internal and external trades Was being done at this bazar, somehow was Palpitating heart of shiraz econamic.The architect of this structure is contain of stories by wide benchand has 74 upward glottis and high height Vault that these Skillfully made

vakil mosque

 This structure In terms of architect, elegance and Strength are very fame.Mosque has 2 Porch that every one has east part and south part.South part by 48 beautifull, Integrated and spiral columns which these are symbole of iranian architect.Area of this part is about 5000 meters and it has unique colorful tiling.its attract every one that want to trip to iran