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If you travel to Iran for historical and nature this is the true place. Gilan province has a long history and the village was established around 1006 AD. This amazing village is approximately 60 km southwest of RASHT. When you visit this beautiful village no doubt will love it and their special handicrafts. Village architecture is unique and buildings have been built into the mountain and are interconnected. The interesting point is Courtyards and roofs both serve as pedestrian areas similar to streets. Masuleh does not allow any motor vehicles to enter, It is the only city in Iran with such a prohibition. However, the small streets and many stairs simply wouldn't make it possible for vehicles to enter. Visit Iran with us to show you truly of this historical and majestic land.

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Masouleh is the most famous historical and tourist city of Gilan in Iran which in 1354 became the first living historical city of the country. Masouleh Peklani Township has 350 historic homes dating from 800 to 1000 years old, which is beautiful all year round, but tourists prefer summer and spring to travel to this historic city. The high mountainous Masoule weather, with cool summers and cold winters is surrounded by forest and mountains.


Where is the historic city of Masouleh?

Masouleh is located in the southwest of Gilan province, which is bounded on the north by Masal city, on the south by Tarom (Zanjan province), on the east by Fouman and on the west by Khalkhal (Ardabil province). Masouleh is also 60 kilometers from Rasht, 36 kilometers from Fouman and 20 kilometers from Makwan.


Masuleh architecture

Most of the buildings in Masule are yellow or clay, which is why the houses look better in the fog, as Masuleh falls in the fog for almost half a year. The Masuleh houses have a unique architecture so that the roofs and front of each house are used as sidewalks.

That is, the roof of every courtyard and walkway is another, giving a beautiful, staircase perspective. It is noteworthy that these types of houses were formed during the era of Zandiyeh and the number of floors usually reaches two floors.


But, unfortunately, old houses made of stone and wood are being demolished, replacing concrete buildings with metal roofs that try to preserve the exterior appearance of the old pattern.

Although snow and rain rarely make the houses with sloping roofs, roofs today use isogam and asphalt, but traditional straw mud coverings can still be found.


Also the wooden windows and windows of the houses decorated by the tasteful and masculine tastefully decorated with geranium pots give Masuleh a special beauty.

In the past, the Masuleh home heating system used wood and seat heaters, which today have replaced oil, electric and gas-fired heaters.


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Economy and Trade of the Masuleh People

Due to its tourist attractions, the Masoule Market is a complex of businesses, especially tourists, with several restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, fruit shops, local craft and woodworking shops, Handmade dolls, knickers and sorrel, muffins, fork, etc. are available in this market run by local Masulehs. The market is often roofless, with maze of alleys and rooftops.


Masoule handicrafts and souvenirs

To get away from this historic city, you can go to the artists in town and buy handmade dolls and other products.

If you turn around the market and the roofs of these houses, your eyes will also fall on other souvenirs of the staircase, such as glim, bath towels, chamois, wood and metal industries, local clothing, gloves. And pointed to a woolen coat, scarf, wool hat, and so on. You can also go to the city's famous pastry shop and try the quiche pastry.


Masule village museums

Three Museums of Natural History, Cultural Heritage and Aoun Ibn Ali are the most important tourist attractions of this village


Masuleh Anthropological Museum

Other places of interest include the Masouleh Anthropological Museum, which has been in operation since the 5th year, and even reaches 400 years in the museum, displaying a collection of objects in this historic village in three separate sections.

In the first part of the objects dating back nearly a century, the second part of the documents dating back 200 years is kept in the second part, the objects dating back to 400 years are kept in the third part of the museum. Agricultural tools, precious objects, types of pottery, paper, stone, glass, handicrafts, wares, etc. are kept in the museum, which relates to the history of Masoule and nearby villages.

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Masjid Korbar Village

Masouleh Korbar is one of the most beautiful and spectacular countryside in the green mountains of Gilan province. One of the special features of this villa is the way to reach it which is very spectacular and unique.

A mountainous route with exemplary landscapes where every viewer disappears. If you are traveling to Masouleh, be sure to visit Kurbar Village and enjoy its beautiful nature.


Masouleh Natural Springs

Another of Masuleh's fountains are springs that are among the most spectacular. Masouleh has more than 2 natural springs, the most important of which are:

Whispering fountain

This fountain is located near the Masuleh River and because of its location near an iron mine, it has a very bitter iron taste.

The water color of this spring along the route to Masuleh River is seen in orange and the locals drink it after adding sugar. It is said to have a significant effect on the treatment of gastrointestinal and pulmonary diseases.

Ali Zakhuni spring

This spring is one of the most important mineral springs of Gilan, which is located above Masuleh market and is used for drinking water. The water of this spring is rich in bicarbonate and therefore it is effective in treating disorders of the human digestive system.