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Iran is a vast four-season country, therefore it has many beautiful visiting sights in each season. Thinking about "when is the best time to travel to Iran?" Well my answer is any time; you just have to think about what you want from your travel to Iran.

For some people Iran Mountains are the best destination, some enjoy the dusty deserts and starry skies, some enjoy the water recreations and shopping, and some prefer the jungles and seas. I personally think what attracts tourists from all around the world is our special culture, habits, and festivals. As a Muslim country, we do many things differently and have many special festivals, new to all the other natures.

To get close to your answer, I'm going to explain the good and bad points of each season and what you can visit in each season. Follow this article to find the best traveling time for you.

Let’s start with spring

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Traveling to Iran in spring

If you are interested in festivals, five works, people dancing on the streets, and our biggest holiday Nowrooz then spring is the best time to travel to Iran for you. In spring most Iran cities are in their best view and we have the cleanest air compared to the other month of the year. As my favorite season for vacation, traveling to Iran in springs has some bad things too. Well, the most annoying thing would be the crowd since Iran is on Holiday in the first 13th days of Farvardin and literally every native Iranian is traveling. One other thing is the prices, spring and especially Farvardin is considered the high season and many prices are doubled.

Travel to Iran in spring

If you want my personal opinion the greenery and the air worth it all. In spring Iran shines like heaven and of course, there is a very good reason that everyone is traveling to Iran in this particular season.

Traveling to Iran in summer

To me summer was always joyful, feeling the sun on your skin, tasting the most delicious traditional fruits, going to deserts and feeling the sand under your feet, and many other fun things. I think for the fans of safari, camel riding, live music around the fire, and meeting the shiniest stars up your head summer is for sure the best time to travel to Iran. Summer doesn't only limit to desert tours but you can also meet the nomad life with your eyes, get to talk to the locals and see the nomad inhabitants.


The bad point about Iran summers like any other country is the boiling hot weather. Especially in the late years because of the greenhouse effect Iran like the other parts of the world has become warmer and warmer.

Still, I think for anyone in love with the sand and starry skies this season is the best time.

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Traveling to Iran in autumn

If you ever get a chance to visit Iran in autumn you are very lucky then. Autumn is the best time to travel to Iran for many people since there is a lot that can be done in this season. If you travel south you can experience all the marine recreations like parasailing, underwater diving, Jet Ski, water skiing, and beach clubs Kish Island and if you want to travel north you will find yourself surrounded with astonishing jungles, the view of the sea, camping, swimming or driving a boat.

Iran in summer

Except for all these recreations autumn is the season of colors. Tree leaves change their color to yellow, orange, and even red making the most beautiful natural painting. Who doesn't love walking under the rain feeling the fallen leaves under her feet and enjoying camping in the middle of the jungle?

Summer is the season I recommend to everyone in their Trip since it is proper for all the tastes.   

Traveling to Iran in winter

Are you a fan of the ski, mountain climbing, snowboard, snow tube, ice skate, and snow playing?  Then I travel to Iran in winter. Winter is also the best time to travel to Iran for cinema lovers too since the most important Iran film festival, the Fajr festival is held in this season.

Iran in winter

You can also enjoy one of our most fun festivals “chaharshanbe soori”. In Chaharshanbe Soori we build a big fire in the middle of the streets, people dance around it and some jump from the fire believing it would keep away bad luck from them.

 Personally, I'm in love with Iran winters and as a mountainous country call it one of the best destinations in this season. 



As you saw above Traveling to Iran in each time or season has good and bad things, I highly recommend thinking about the best time to travel to Iran for you before contacting your Iran travel agency to reserve your tour. As one of the most experienced Iran travel operators, the Gapa Tour Company is honored to help you in this manner. Besides the normal Iran tour Packages we offer, we also can arrange VIP personal tours for anyone interested in and you can choose the times and services yourself. As a traveler, my best time to travel to Iran would be autumn and winter but if you want to travel to Iran in other seasons you are very welcomed to contact us and reserve your Ideal tour.

Do not forget mystery and fun awaits you, you are just a call away from your memorable trip.