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When you travel to Iran and know this unique culture will find out Iran calendar is full of adventure traditional festivals that some of the histories are for thousands of years ago. Charshanbe souri is a fire festival that Persian people love it. Actually it belongs to the Zoroastrian period 5th century. Iran New Year is starting with the first day of spring 20th March and all families are gathering together last Tuesday night of the Persian calendar and celebrate and make the fire for their party, they jump from the fire because they believe that it can reduce all negative energy’s. If you visit Iran the last week of winter can enjoy and combine this exciting ceremony with your Iran private tours.

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This ancient ritual has long been prevalent among Iranians, during which people celebrated and danced to warm the earth and revive it. Since the fire was precious to the Iranians in the past and symbolized enlightenment and wisdom, our ancestors used to worship God in a spiritually-filled atmosphere on Wednesday. And the word Chaharshanbeh Suri ) Suri Wednesday(; this word is made up of two words, Wednesday is one of the days of the week, and suri means celebration and joy. In ancient Iran, there was a huge fire on Tuesday evening celebrating the Syrian Wednesday and kept it lit until sunrise. The ceremony started with the fire and jumping out of the fire and somehow welcomed the spring. Fortunately, this ancient ritual has survived from the past until now and has its own customs in various parts of Iran, which is the burning point of all of them.

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When is the Chaharshanbeh Suri? Do you know the story behind it?

Wednesday, June 4, is celebrated every year around the world on various occasions such as religious, creed, mourning and celebration, mourning and small ceremonies. For example, we can celebrate Christmas (Anniversary) Indian Thanksgiving celebration and many more. Like many other countries in the world, Iran holds many festivals and celebrations each year, each with its own historical conditions, relevance, and even celebration; for example, they mourn the entire month of Muharram and celebrate Nowruz every April. Will be held. Chaharshanbeh Suri is one of the most important and traditional celebrations of Iran that has been passed down from generation to generation between people. This tradition has undergone many changes today and has lost its old form and has become even more exciting. If you are a fan of fireworks and street festivals, I highly recommend you to travel to Iran on the last Friday of the year to be a part of this huge celebration. Gapa Tour Company will be honored to accompany you.

the History of Chaharshanbeh Suri

Chaharshanbeh Suri, also known as the celebration of the year-end Wednesday and Red Wednesday night, is one of the great Iranian celebrations held on the night of the last Wednesday of every year (Tuesday night), essentially the first celebration before Nowruz. . Generally, the word "charshanbeh Suri" is made up of a combination of two words "Wednesday" (the name of one of the days of the week) and surri meaning "celebration". According to ancient Iranian rituals, a great fire has been lit on this day and continues until the morning sun rises tomorrow. By Tuesday noon when the fire is lit, people jump on it and repeat the phrase "My yellow from you, your red from me"; that means cleansing and religious cleansing; on the other hand By saying this, people are calling for the fire to eliminate the yellowing and their problems and diseases and to give them redness, warmth and a new force to start the New Year. Ferdowsi's Shahnameh refers to Wednesday's New Year's Eve celebration, which indicates that the festival is old and old. Traditional ceremonies and rituals of this national holiday have been embedded in the culture of the Iranian people from the past to the present day. On the other hand, Katayoun Mazdapour, author and researcher of Zoroastrianism on Wednesday, said that "Iranian celebrations and rituals belong to all Iranians. Many of them go back to the pre-Aryan period, and many have never been to Zoroastrianism, such as Chaharshanbeh Suri. "

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Interesting Chaharshanbeh Suri rituals in Iran

Along with the celebration of Chaharshanbeh Suri, there are four main and distinctive rituals that go beyond this, the less the people's adherence to the ritual, and the older the celebration is losing its traditional form. The four main rituals of the Fourth of Syria are kindle fire, scooping, earphone and nodding, and problem-solving nuts, each with their own principles and procedures. Igniting the fire is a fundamental element of the Chaharshanbeh Suri religion. Throughout the celebration throughout Iran, three fireballs will be erected in the symbol of the three great Iranian ancient traditions (the good deed, the good deed, and the good speech, or the seven fireballs in the name of the Seven Amish Sponsors), and people will jump at them.chocolate and it's pouring money. The Avesta Zand states that during the last five days of the year until the first five days of April, the spirits are released from hell and the spoon is essentially the use of spirits instead of speech. Handset and nodding is another Chaharshanbeh Suri tradition in which young girls intend to stand behind a wall and listen to passers-by, then interpret these words as a response to intent. They find themselves. It is worth mentioning that today this old custom is completely obsolete and no one else is doing it. Eating nuts last Wednesday is a nuts-eating problem. In the past, it has been the custom that at the end of the fireworks, homegrown friends and relatives come together and bring the latest sweet and vegetable seeds such as watermelon, pumpkin, pistachio, hazelnut, almond, pear, melon, wheat and cannabis seeds. That leftover from their winter storage was heated on the fire and then flavored with salt and eaten.



In general, the celebration of Chaharshanbeh Suri is one of the oldest and most beautiful Iranian celebrations that has almost become a part of our culture and identity of every Iranian in the world Gapa tour company invites you to be a part of this ancient festival when you visit Iran.