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Iran has different races of people with different areas and Geographic’s, we will show you the best of interesting sites with our special Iran tours. When you visit Iran and go to the Yazd will find out how people save their water in the dry area thousands of years ago. Ab_Anbar is the designation for roofed underground water cisterns and the construction .material used called SAROOJ which was made of sand, Goat hair, clay, lime, egg whites, and ash in specific proportions. With your trip to Iran, you can get many new experiences and learn about another traditional style of life. Ab_Anbar was very important for people because it was the best way to save their waters and keep it for a long time, some Ab_Anbars are very deep and some less deepen to the area and city

What is Ab Anbar and why they are being used?

An Ab Anbar is a pond or indoor pool that is usually built underground to store water. In low-lying and desert regions, the water is filled by rainwater or seasonal rivers. Water is usually stored in winter and used in summer. Warehouses are aqueducts and charities.

The way the water is stored, treated and insulated is in accordance with the principles of engineering and science. Physical and chemical methods are used for purification. These methods include settling waste, adding a certain volume of salt to decompose it, and microbial release by chlorine, using calcareous disinfectants, and using charcoal bags for boiling.

In addition to their important role in people's daily lives, Ab Anbars have also had a special place in the culture and beliefs of the people of this land. The link between water and religious rituals continued in post-Islamic Iran as well, with Anahid sanctuaries replacing the glorious Moslems outside the city.

Fountains in the context of the desert suburbs have been the center of many settlements and lands and cities and Ab Anbars are indeed the largest and most significant architectural units of the country of Iran.
The building technique and architectural style of the ditches are of particular importance because the builders of these units are very careful and alert in dealing with major issues such as the amount of water pressure on the floor and surface of the ditch, the problem of plastering inside, ventilation, treatment and pollution prevention of The water has paid close attention.

The art of exterior decoration of the waterfalls, especially their entrance porch, and in some cases, the selection of interesting poems for the inscription above, all show that these buildings have a strong and close connection with many of the features and spirits of the surrounding people


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visit the most famous Ab Anbars of Iran in the historic city of Yazd

There are 75 Ab Anbars in Yazd City that are the number one Iran destinations. The value of water in desert cities like Yazd is felt more than anywhere else. The Six Windward Ab Anbar is one of Yazd's most famous water reservoirs.
This water storage has six windmills and a reservoir of 2,000 cubic meters. This storage has two entrances to the north and south. Inlet stairs are located on both sides of the tank. The staircase consists of two open and covered portions and their entrance hall is at the beginning of the covered part. From the south entrance, you can reach the reservoir by 55 stairs. In front of this staircase, which is in the middle of stairs 25 and 26 (above), there is a vault with a carpet brick floor.

It has fifty-five stairs. Its milk is also on the north entrance. The northern entrance to the milk tank is the southern entrance mirror. This is also an egg-dome storeroom.

These wind wards are aqueducts built for winter storage and packing that were eventually used in the summer. The height of the water tank was 6.12 meters and the height of the windmills was 10 meters.
Large volumes of water had a capacity of over 2000 m3. These warehouses had two ways to access the tap, one for the use of Zoroastrian religious minorities and the other for Muslim use.
This water storage has been around for 180 years. At 1371 AH it was rebuilt and initially had three windshields and then three other windshields were added. If you have ever traveled to Iran and have visited this place, you can know with some accuracy that the three windmills are different from the other three windmills and they are older.

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