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Searching for Iran’s most attractive visiting sights? You have come to the best website. In this article, I’m going to introduce the top 20 most important cities of Iran in the Iran tourism industry that attract many native and foreigner tourists yearly. Some of these cities have historical importance, some natural importance, and some religious. Let’s get to know these cities a little bit deeper and then you can decide which ones you want to visit.

1- The capital of Iran Tehran

Experience all the luxurious recreations at our capital, Tehran. In Tehran, you can taste an Ice-cream made of gold at a tower 435 meters high and rest at a five-star hotel with the highest quality services.  

2- The Safavid legacy, Isfahan

Isfahan is unique in terms of architecture. You can visit the Islamic Iranian architecture at every Safavid palace or mosque in this city. If you decided to go to Isfahan in your Iran visit, pay a visit to Vank cathedral, where you can witness the most little bible in the world.

3- The city of poetry, Shiraz

There is a reason Shiraz is named the city of poetry. This city was the Birthplace of great poets such as Hafez and Saa’di. The best visiting site of Shiraz in my idea is the Hafez tomb. With a great vibe, Hafez's tomb amazes all the visitors.

4- The historic city of Yazd (UNESCO World Heritage site)

At the historic city of Yazd, you can witness the highest wind catcher in the world and a heavenly beautiful Persian garden. This city is also famous for having the most houses built only with adobe in the whole world.

5- Kashan, the city of beauties

If you ask me, the most beautiful sight in Kashan after Fin Garden is the gorgeous house of one of the richest families in Iran, the Tabatabai house. After Tabatabei's house, I recommend visiting the Boroujerdi house too. 

6- Visit the mausoleum of the eighth Shia Imam in Mashhad

Many know Mashhad for its Religious importance and the millions of pilgrims traveling to this city to visit the mausoleum of the eighth Shia Imam, but this city is also one of the best luxury destinations in Iran. 


7- Experience luxurious snow recreations in Tabriz

Located in the northwest part of Iran in the mountainous area, Tabriz can be considered one of the coldest cities of Iran. This climate and location have made Tabriz one of the best Iran destinations for travelers who love snow recreations. 

8- Visit the most beautiful Persian Garden in Kerman

Shazdeh garden of in English “the garden of the prince” brings all the nature lovers to Kerman, but this beautiful city doesn’t limit to Shazdeh garden, in Kerman you can also visit Jameh Mosque of Kerman and Shah Nematollah Vali shrine.

9- Take a look at a unique architecture in Abyaneh

Abyaneh is also unique in terms of Architecture. This heavenly beautiful village is still unknown to many foreigners due to the lack of management. Abyane is made such a way that the rood of a house is the garden of another house. Make sure to pay a visit to this magical city on your Iran trip.

10- Travel 2500 years back in time in Pasargadae

I don’t think there would be anyone in this world who hasn’t heard the name of the King of the kings, Cyrus the Great. In Pasargadaeو you can walk where he walked and visit his main castle. Don’t forget to pay your respect to him when you visit this great man’s tomb.

11- Are you into water recreations? Travel to Kish Island

Kish is a free zone Island, making it one of the few places you can travel to without a visa. This Island is most famous for the water recreations like parasailing, underwater diving, Jet Ski, water skiing, and beach clubs. Other than water recreation you can rent the most luxurious cars such as Lamborghini or jaguar at the lowest prices. 

12- Need to relax in a luxurious tranquil Island? Qeshm is your Ideal Destination

Want to experience a journey far away from voices, traffic, and pollution? Just wanting to be away from all the crowd and tan at the beach? Travel to Qeshm then, you will find the true peace there.

13- explore the largest water cave in the world by a paddleboat at Hamedan

Aside from the largest cave in the world, Hamedan is the Birthplace of the great medicine Avicenna. Avicenna who is also named the father of modern medicine lived most of his life in Hamedan and his mausoleum is located there. 

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14-  visit Iran’s natural jungles at Ramsar

Shop from the greatest brands, climb up the mountain with telecabin, enjoy the Caspian Sea, and camp in the jungle. You can experience all of these in Ramsar.

15- Masouleh, a city even higher than the clouds

A city built on the rocky mountain, even higher than the clouds, with a perfect cool climate, seduces anyone at least for a visit.

16- Visit the most amazing Citadel of Iran in the ancient city of Bam

One of the most beautiful historical sights of Iran that is also a UNESCO world heritage site is located in the ancient city of Bam. Arg-e Bam is the largest adobe structure in the world and ages back to the Achaemenid Dynasty. 

17- Get to the Sassanid historical sites in Kermanshah

If you ever get the chance to visit Kermanshah, you must certainly visit Behistun. Being a UNESCO world heritage site, Behisun is the largest scrip in the world. Written by Darius the Great. It tells the story of defeating Gaumata the Magus. In Kermanshah, you can also visit Tagh-e Bostan. 

18- Beach and jungle together in the northern city of Rasht

Rash is the number one destination for Native travelers. People of Iran will take the chaluse road to go to the Rasht city at any chance they find.

19-  Visit the narrow strait of Hormoz in Bandar Abbas

One of the most important narrow straits of the world passes Iran’s border. If you want to see the narrow strait of Hormoz, make sure you visit Bandar Abbas.

20- Get to know Muslims and Islam rituals at the holy city of Qom

If you are interested in Muslims lifestyle and their habitats, Qom is your Ideal destination. Many Iranian who are trained to invite people to Islam were studied there.


Hope you enjoyed this article. Visit the most amazing site of Iran with Gapa Tour, contact us for more information.