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If you are planning to visit Iran, Tehran as the capital of Iran is one of the most important cities to visit and Sa’dabad palace is one of the many attractive places in Iran that is also one of the most popular destinations for Iran travel agencies. The complex palace of Sa’dabad in Tehran has a very unique museum inside. As regards geographic position, this complex is at the north of Tehran and has a very good climate. Sa’dabad palace is made of 15 different parts that every part has exclusive elegance. In this article, we try to introduce one of the most important places of this complex and its name is the White palace and then we will give you necessary information about other amazing sights of Sa’dabad.

saa'd abad palace

With oldness more than 80 years, the white palace is the biggest palace of Sa’dabad’s complex. It’s made of 10 halls, various parts, and Arash bowman statue that shows off at the front of the entrance of the palace. but why it’s appellation is a White palace? Because of the white color of external palace’s face. Most of the walls are exquisite silk, painted window shade with oil color with epic Iran stories (mostly Shahnameh), alabaster stone and skylights, all these elements together have created a pleasant scene Also handmade valuable carpets that were made by Iranian people hands are signs of confederacy people life.145 meters carpet with a unique design is a good symbol to this subject. Another interesting part of this palace is the Iranian old tiles with oldness more than 2000 years which are placed at the first floor. Also, Napoleon Bonaparte painting is maintained on this floor. Many Painted canvas are saved at the White palace but undoubtedly the most beautiful piece of all of them is the virtue of 17th Italian artist Anieah lofaklote. Another marvelous feature of this place is a 130 years old piano. This handmade artwork belonged to Bekr, a Germany-Austrian artist that had made it for the last Russian emperor Nikolai II and gifted it to the Austrian emperor. The wonderful and mysterious subject is that it's not clear is that when and how this Ivorian piano came to Iran’s National art museum. This palace has elements dating back to past Islam civilizations, Maya, East Asia civilizations, Africa, and other places of the world.


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The next palace, which is one my favorite parts, is the Green palace. This magnificent palace got this name because of the rare green stones used on its exterior walls. Many also call this palace, the stone palace too. The unique green stones of the Green palace were mined from the Khorasan’s marble and Khamseh Zanjan’s mines. These stones are special not only because of their color but because they are made of lead that prevent them from breaking due to time or natural happenings like shrinkage and expansion. As we are speaking of the exterior parts of the Green palace, its main door opens to the view of Alborz Mountain and its columns are the combination of Iranian and uropian style making it one of a kind and for the material used to build them, they are made of Khorasan’s marble. The green palace was renovated and changed a little over time. Its former name was the Shahvand Palace that changed after Iranians big Islamic revolution.

Green palace in saad abad


Let’s talk a little bit more about the origin of the green palace. It took 7 years for Iranians great architectures and artist to build such a masterpiece. Containing 2 floors, the green palace was used as resident and office and its basement was a storage room. The basement also contained a magnificent dining room. Each element in that dining room from the porcelain to the table itself was brought from Europe and suited the king lifestyle perfectly. The most interesting part of the Green palace is the elegant mirror works on the main hall. Professor hosein behzad was on this project himself and due to the respect to this great man, now there exists a museum of his works and arts. Make sure to pay a visit to this museum in your Saad abad palace visit.

mirror hall

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One of the most beautiful parts of the Green palace is the Mirror Hall, which is decorated with gypsum flowers on all mirrors, and is covered with 70-meter high Mashhad carpet, which is the work of Abdolmohammad Amouqoli, which was the office of Reza Shah. In this hall, a set of hand-made Koblen couches, related to the Qajar period, is located.

The ceiling mirror work with the design of cresset is the work of Iranian artists. Other valuable items of the palace include 16th Louis Sculptures and Couches, as well as two console tables for the Napoleon era.

Saad abad complex doesn’t limit to only The White and Green palace. In your visit to the Saad abad complex you can also visit Ahmad Shah Qajar Palace, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Anthropology, Museum of Glassware and Handicrafts, Building of the Amendment 36 (a governmental agency), Palace of the King Mother, Prince Ahmad Reza Palace( named after 2nd son of Reza Shah), Administration of the complex, The Training Center, The Military Museum, Museum of Artistic Creatures, The Behzad Museum, Museum of Treasure (The Dafine Museum), Museum of Mir Emad Calligraphy, The Abkar Museum.


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