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Sa’dabad complex

4.5 out of 5

Sa’dabad complex .If you are planning to visit Iran, Tehran as the capital of Iran is one of the most important cities to visit Sa’dabad palace is one of the many attractive places in Iran and its also a very popular destination of Iran travel tour agencies .Complex palace of Sa’dabad in Tehran has a very unique museum in it .As regards geographic position ,this complex is at the north of Tehran and has a very good climate Sa’dabad is made of 15 different parts that every part has exclusive elegance We try to introduce one of the most important places of this complex in this post which its name is white palace White palace.

White palace with oldness more than 80 years is the biggest palace of this complex. It’s made of 10 halls and various parts and Arash bowman statue shows off front of entrance of palace But why it’s appellation is White palace? The answer is because of the white color of external palace face Most of the walls are exquisite silk, painted window shade with oil color with epic Iran stories((shahnameh)), alabaster stone and skylights, all these together have created a pleasant scene Also handmade valuable carpets that has made by Iranian people hands is a sign of confederacy people life.145 meters carpet with unique design is a good symbol this subject Another interesting parts of this palace is Iranian old tiles with oldness more than 2000 years which are placed in the first floor.Also Napoleon Bonaparte paint is maintained in this floor Many Painted tableaus are save at this palace but undoubtedly the most beautiful of them is vertu of 17st italian artist Anieah lofaklote Another marvelous vertus of this place is a 130 years old piano.This handmade artistic work belongs to Bekr, a Germany-Austrian artist that had made it for the last Russian emperor Nikolai II and gifted it to Austrian emperor.the wonderful and mysterious subject is that its not clear that when and how this Ivorian piano had been coming to Iran National art museum of this palace has parts of past Islam civilizations, Maya, east Asia civilizations ,Africa and other places of world. And the last thing I should say is that this post shows a drop of a endless ocean and you should come and visit nearly