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Iran tourism

As you know Iran is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that attracts so many tourists from all around the world yearly. If you are going to visit Iran, there are some things you must know some about Iran tourism that can help you have a better journey in our wonderland.

Which cities are most important in Iran tourism?

When you start searching around the internet you may find a lot of cities advised to you to visit in your trip to Iran. In my idea the best destination for Iran travel differs from person to person, some people like the mountainous sites, some the deserts, some like the historical sights, some are looking for a luxurious trip and some just simply want to relax. To choose the proper city for you better, in this article we will explain some of them and according to which ones you like, you can choose where to visit.

Isfahan the Safavid age jewelry

Welcome to the third-largest city of Iran, the capital of Isfahan province, and finally the most beautiful city of Iran, Isfahan. Having four UNESCO world heritage sites, there are so many historical, religious, and cultural mysteries lying around the city. Isfahan is also counted as the capital of culture in Iran, therefore if you want to have a cultural trip to Iran, you should visit Isfahan first. This city is a symbol of beauty in each season, there are many gorgeous places such as markets and bazaars, decorative art museums, and so many architectural places that you must see. If you want to have a memorable trip to Iran, you should place Isfahan in your to-do list. Do not forget to visit Naqsh-e Jahan Sq. the Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu, and Chehel Sotun Palace.

Experience the best vacation in north

Iran is surrounded by two seas, one from the north and another in the south. If you want to have a great vacation in Iran, you surely must go to the north. The beautiful Khazar sea and beaches in the north give you the feeling of freshness. There is no difference in the city you are going to visit first, you will find at least one amazing sight in each of them. You can choose Iran travel agencies for your travel to Iran so you can travel in a group to the north and have more fun. There are so many places which you can visit in the north but do not forget Roodkhan castle and Masooleh as the crown jewel of north natural attractions.

Be with us in Shiraz

Shiraz is the city of poets. This city is the home to graves of Hafiz and Sa'di. They were both legendary poets of Iran. This city is also another destination for native and foreign tourists and it is very important to Iran tourism industry. When you are visiting shiraz you will not believe the amount of beauty in the architecture and other things. More than the tomb of Hafiz and Sa'di you should visit Eram Garden, Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, Qavam House, vakil mosque and pars museum. Make sure that you will pay enough time in Shiraz.

If you like islands, choose Kish or Qeshm

These two cities are the most important ones in Iran tourism. There are so many islands in Iran but Qeshm and Kish can be counted as the most crowded ones, especially in high seasons.

Kish Island is located in the Persian Gulf and the Hormozgan province of Iran. When you are visiting Kish, make sure that you will visit the dolphin park, the ocean waterpark, Harireh underground city, and Simorgh beach park.

Qeshm also is another destination as you are going to the north, the star's valley, Hengam, and Hormoz Island, Harrah Jungles and Naz islands can be your destinations as you are going to Qeshm.

Hamedan the city of Avicenna

I don’t think there would be anyone in the world who doesn’t know Avicenna and not respect him. He was one of the greatest Muslim polymath born in the Islamic golden age. He is also known as the father of Modern Medicine. Many native and foreign tourists visit his Mausoleum in Hamedan due to the respect they have for this great man.

Ready to visit the biggest water cave in the world? Come to Hamedan. Ali-Sadr Cave is full of mysteries waiting to be explored. Visit this spectacular site by pedal boat, you will be surrounded by beauty.

 Along with the amazing visiting sites, Hamedan is also a favorite amongst Iranian because of its cold and mountainous weather. The best time to visit this amazing city is in summer.

Avicanna tomb

Don’t forget to pay a visit to Hamedan in your Iran Travel.

Visit Behistun and Taq-e Bostan in Kermanshah

If you have the chance to travel to Kermanshah in your Iran travel, you will for yourself the reason I say this city has crucial importance to the Iran tourism industry. The two most favorite historical sights of Kermanshah are Behistun and Taq-e Bostan

Behistun is the largest script written in the world by Darius the great himself and is a UNESCO world heritage site. If you are interested in why Darius the great wrote the script himself and why it is crucial to all historians, the reason is that this scrip gives information about how Darius the great concurred Gaumata the magus. Cyrus the Great had two sons Cambyses and Bardiya. One day Cambyses (the older son), dreamed about Bardiya becoming the king and taking the thrown from him, therefore when Cyrus the Great died Cambyses who felt really unsecured and didn’t want to lose the throne killed Bardiya and then immediately went to Susa for a battle, so people didn't get informed about it. In his absence, Gaumata the magus who looked exactly like Bardiya and knew of his death used the opportunity and by tricking people called himself Bardiya and became the king of Persia. Gaumata the magus killed everyone who knew about the real Bardiya and ruled cruelly making everyone hate him. Darius the Great with wisdom found out that the real Bardiya is dead and he is just a liar, therefore with the help of people he killed Gaumata the magus and because Cambyses had lost his life in the battle, Darius the Great called himself the king after Cyrus the Great and ruled wisely and fairly.

Taq-e-Bustan was Built in the 300 AC by the hand of the Sassanid dynasty and now it is one of the twenty historical structures that has survived from the Sassanid era. Taq– e- Bustan represented the coronation of Ardeshir the second and Shapur the third. Aside from the historical value Taq– e- Bustan is located in the middle of the jungle and beside the Zagros Mountain, you can enjoy the perfect mountainous weather and rest beside the water under the green trees in a heavenly beautiful area.

Visit the Iran world heritage site city of Yazd

I think no Iran travel would be completed without a trip to Yazd. Yazd was the first historical city of Iran that was added to the Iran UNESCO world heritage site list (added in 2017). Being in the desert climate. Made the architecture of Yazd really special. This city is also called “the city of windcatchers” and has a very interesting cooling system. The people of Yazd are very warm and welcoming. Yazd has many historical and cultural sites but the most famous one of them is the Zoroastrian Fire Temple.

The Zoroastrians worship their god in a fire temple and if you are interested to visit one of the most famous Zoroastrian Fire Temples, we invite you to come to Yazd and explore Yazd Behram Ateshkadeh witch is located to the west of the historical city. The fire enshrining in this temple is called Atash Bahram or in English “Victorious Fire”. There are nine Atash Bahrams in the world, one in Iran and the other eight in India. The temple was built in 1934 BC and was a place of worship since then. The fire inside is said to have been burning since about 470 AD which is visible through a window from the entrance hall. The flame of Zoroastrian Fire Temple was transferred to Ardakan in 1174, then to Yazd in 1474 and to its present site in 1940. You will see a Symbolic bird-man at the top of the entrance when you enter the temple, this bird-man is the symbol of Zoroaster.


Get to know Islam and Muslim Rituals in Mashhad our religious city

Imam Reza shrine or as Muslims say “the heart of shia” is located in the center of Mashhad. This holy city attracts millions of pilgrims yearly and is the number one destination for Muslims and anyone interested in this religion.

You can hear the song of AZAN calling people to do their prayers at noon throughout the whole city.

Aside from religious sites in your travel to Mashhad you can visit Mashhad Bazaar, Tomb of Ferdowsi, Kooh Sangi, Mashhad botanical garden, and Mellat Park.

Imam reza shrine

 Mashhad has very high importance in Iran Tourism.

What should we know about Iran tourism?

There are lots of things that you should know when it comes to Iran tourism. Iran has very friendly and warm-hearted people and you can even accept their invitations most of the time but be careful.

Iran's tourism for Americans can be a little different because Iran's Visa is not available for them unless there are urgent matters. You can read more about the Iranian tourists' visa on google. Also, there are so many travel agencies which are going to help you have a great time in Iran, they will plan almost everything for you.

Also, you should know there are some rules in Iranian tourism which you should follow and are most important in Iranian rules. As you know Iran is an Islamic country and hijab is an obligation here. So if you are coming as a female it is better to cover your hair and read more about Hijab before you come to Iran.

All things will be different if you are planning to go on a business trip to Iran.  You should pay attention that there is nothing such as universal credit cards in Iran and you cannot use your master cards as well so if you want to come to Iran for business think about this matters before your arrival.

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Iran tourism with tour and travel agencies

So let's say you want to travel to a new country to discover its mysteries and sights. Usually, the people from the neighboring countries are comfortable with our culture and know most of our rule and approximately everything about us, so for them traveling with a tour is only the matter of traveling with a group and not alone.

But for someone from Europe and eastern Asia or Africa, there are so many things to consider. First and the most important one of them is the language; fortunately most of Iranians know a little bit of English but to have a memorable trip this much won't be enough, you might feel the need to have a native and speaking tour guide to accompany you throughout your whole trip.

 The second one is our special obligations and rules; if you are Muslim or from an Islamic country you might not find any problems but if other than that you must have a travel agency to explain all of them to you and a tour guide to make sure everything is fine.

The third one is that the internet is filled with historical and cultural sights of Iran but one may get confused that according to the time he or she has, what sights are the best to visit in Gapa Tour, we have a lot of different packages for different tastes but what is the same around all of them is that they all cover the most beautiful sights of Iran.

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Come to Tehran!

Tehran is the capital of Iran. There are so many magnificent historical places in Tehran and you should know it is so much different from other cities in Iran. Also, you can see Iranian hotels online and book them if you want, you should know that there are so many luxurious and boutique hotels in Tehran where you can stay at. If you want to travel as a group, the best choice for you is Iran tours. This kind of trip can be different due to your purpose for traveling to Iran. So, at last, if you are coming to Iran the very first thing is to know your goal and know why you are coming to Iran. Then if you want to travel to this country as a tourist you can choose so many travel agencies. You can handle everything with Gapatour. Our travel agency is one of the most reliable ones which offers you different types of tours around Iran. There are cultural tours and group tours in our vacation packages which you can choose and enjoy at reasonable prices. Also, we can help you in the process of getting a visa with the transfer. If you intend to come to Iran call us before you decide where to go!