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Iran tourism

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Iran tourism

As you know Iran is one of the most beautiful countries in the world which yearly has so many tourists from all other countries. If you are going to visit Iran, surely you should know some points about Iran tourism which can help you have a better journey in our wonderland.

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Which cities are most important in Iran tourism?

There are so many cities that you may like to visit, among all we are going to tell you a brief about Iran cities which are most crowded and most lovable for foreigners.

See the half beauties of the world in Isfahan

Isfahan is one of the cities in Iran which is located in central part of Iran. Isfahan is also counted as the capital of culture in Iran. There are so many unbelievable places in Isfahan which you should visit as you are coming to Iran. If you want to have a cultural trip to Iran, you should visit Isfahan first. This city is a symbol of beauty in each season, there are gorgeous places as well such as markets and bazars, decorative art museums and so many architectural places that you must see. If you want to have a memorable trip to Iran, you should place Isfahan in your plan too. Do not forget to visit Naqsh-e jahan Sq. the Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu and Chehel Sotun Palace.

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Have the best vacation in north

Iran is surrounded by two seas, one from north and another one is south. If you want to have a great vacation in Iran, you surely must go to north. The beautiful Khazar sea and beaches in north gives you the feeling of freshness. There is no difference that which city you are going to visit first. You can choose Iran travel agencies for your travel to Iran so you can travel in a group to north and have more fun. There are so many places which you can visit in north but do not forget Roodkhan castle and Masooleh as the crown jewel of north natural attractions.

Be with us in Shiraz

Shiraz is the city of poets. This city is the home to graves for Hafiz and Sa'di. They are both legendary poets of Iran. This city is also another destination for many tourists and it is very important to Iran tourism. When you are visiting shiraz you will not believe the amount of beauty in the architecture and other things. More than the tomb of Hafiz and Sa'di you should visit Eram Garden, Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, Qavam house, vakil mosque and pars museum. Make sure that you don’t waste any time in Shiraz.

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If you like islands, choose Kish or Qeshm

These two cities are another most important ones in Iran tourism. There are so many islands in Iran but Qeshm and Kish can be counted as the most crowded ones especially in high seasons.

Kish island is located in the Persian Gulf in the Hormozgan province of Iran. When you are visiting Kish, make sure that you will visit the dolphin park, the ocean waterpark, Harireh underground city and Simorgh beach park.

Qeshm also is another desitnation as you are goin to north, the star's valley, Hengam and Hormoz Island, Harrah Jungles and Naz islands can be your destinations as you are going to Qeshm.

What should we know about Iran tourism?

There are lots of things that you should know when it comes to Iran tourism. Iran has a very friendly people and you can even accept their invitations most of the time but be careful.

Iran tourism for Americans can be a little different, because Visa for Iran is not available for them unless there are urgent matters. You can read more about Iranian tourists visa on google. Also there are so many travel agencies which are going to help you have a great time in Iran, they will plan almost everything for you.

Also you should know there are some rules in Iranian tourism which you should follow and are most important in Iranian rules. As you know Iran is an Islamic country and hijab is an obligation here. So if you are coming as a female it is better to cover your hairs and read more about Hijab before you come to Iran.

All things will be different if you are going to a business trip to Iran.  You should pay attention that there is nothing such as universal credit cards in Iran and you cannot use your master cards as well so if you want to come to Iran for business think about this matters before your arrival.

Come to Tehran!

Tehran is the capital of Iran. There are so many magnificent historical places in Tehran and you should know it is so much different from other cities of Iran. Also you can see Iran hotel online and book them if you want, you should know that there are so many luxurious and boutique hotels in Tehran where you can stay at. If you want to travel as a group, the best choice for you are Iran tours. This kind of trips can be different due to your purpose for traveling to Iran. So, at last, if you are coming to Iran the very first thing is to know your goal and know why you are coming to Iran. Then if you want to travel to this country as a tourist you can choose so many travel agencies. You can handle everything with Gapatour. Our travel agency is one of the most reliable ones which offers you different types of tours around Iran. There are cultural tours and group tours in our vacation packages which you can choose and enjoy with reasonable prices. Also we can help you in the process of getting visa with transfer. If you intend to come to Iran call us before you decide where to go!