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The Dolat Abad garden is one of the biggest gardens of Iran, dating back to the Zand era. If you want to visit Iran and use an Iran tour should choose one of our Iran tour packages. The highest known wind tower in the world is in this garden. you can also enjoy unique views of this beautiful garden.

The Dolatabad Garden of Yazd or the Foursquare Garden is one of Yazd's old gardens. One of the most important things that made it very popular is the masonry windmill, which is the world's tallest known mudstone with a height of 33/8 meters. It is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Iranian gardens.

Dolatabd Graden

History of Yazd Dolatabad Garden

The Dolatabad Garden of Yazd was founded in 1160 AH by Mohammad Taghi Khan Bafaqi, known as the Great Khan of the Yazd dynasty. This garden was originally the residence (the place visited today and at that time ordinary people were not allowed to enter it) and the government (buildings to handle people's affairs and office work).

In the past, the entire interior of the garden belonged to the king, and ordinary people were not allowed to enter the building, and the buildings at the bottom of the garden were the residence of the ceremonial guests. The octagonal part of the garden was actually the summer garden space and the end-of-garden buildings in the winter mansion. Part of the Dolatabad Garden complex is now run by seventh-generation descendants of Sheikh Mohammed Taghi Khan Bafaqi, who manages the complex; they lived in the complex until a few years ago. The 8 Hectare complex comprises several mansions and spaces from "Hashti", the Wind Catcher, the Paradise Mansion, and the Hall of Mirrors.

At 1346 The Dolatabad Garden of Yazd was registered in the National Heritage of Iran at the number of 774 and was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List in the year 1390 (2011 AD). In all Iranian gardens, water has been the main element, the water of Dolatabad Gardens of Yazd being supplied from Dolat Abad aqueducts from Mehriz to Yazd, some forty to fifty kilometers from the city of Yazd, which originates from the slopes of the Shirkuh Mountains.

It is conceivable that the water required for the ponds in the interior of the summer part of the well was provided by the wells located in the garden itself in a manner that was meticulously engineered using the law of ponds associated with each other and one after the other. They would melt. Iranian gardens also have a large fence around the garden. The garden is decorated with pine, cedar, fruit trees, especially grapes and pomegranates, as well as bushes and roses.

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Koshak Garden of Dolatabad Yazd

Another feature of the Iranian gardens is a mausoleum called Koushak or the palace in the middle of the garden, located in Dolatabad Gardens, an octagonal section (which is said to be the tallest windmill in the world at 33 meters and 80 cm) in the center of the garden through the wind. The windscreen and its overhang are integrated into the water pond beneath the windscreen, cooling the summer rooms and adjacent spaces like the water cooler. The mechanism and function of this octagonal windscreen is to cool the incoming wind if the windshield closes the door and to create a less dense, warm windy space than to allow outside air to enter and thus to cool the air in the area. The underside was windy.

The significant difference between this windscreen and other windscreens in the world is the octagon of the windscreen, which actually includes four sides for entry and four sides for exit. Underneath the windshield is a dock that helps to humidify and cool the interior. The windscreen sticks are actually designed to restrain wind and reduce pressure on the windscreen, making it easier to repair the windscreen if needed and collecting fertilizer from the birds sitting in the building.

Dolatabad Garden

Garden of Dolatabad Garden Yazd

The dock of this complex was later incorporated into the garden and did not exist in the old structure of the garden. In the middle of the main building of the garden is a pyramid mansion, which used to be the site of important government decisions. Above this mansion there are four rooms, which can be used for women in need of government.

The pyramid mansion is located in the summer part of the complex, decorated with Yazdi plasterwork and carvings. The Ersic chambers on both sides of the pyramid mansion (made of Ersis doors without any adhesives or nails and with insect repellent colors) are symmetrically designed and feng shui science.

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Address of Yazd Dolatabad Garden

The main complex is located on Shahid Rajaie Street in the Chahar Menar neighborhood in Ferdowsi alley (Hosseiniyeh Ferdows) and the other is located on Dolatabad Boulevard. There are also shops selling handicrafts in the garden, including cashmere, tablecloths and earthenware.

Dolatabad Garden

Entrance fees and opening hours of the Dolatabad Garden

If you decide to travel to Iran with our Iran travel company, you wouldn’t need to worry about the entrance fees, since it is included on your Iran tour package. But if you are a solo traveler you must know that Dolatabad Garden is open every day from 9 AM till 11 PM and usually 2 hours is needed for visiting this heaven. To visit The Dolat abad Garden you must pay 200,000 Rials for each person.

As mentioned above Dolatabad garden is one of the 9 persian gardens added to the Iran UNESCO world heritage sites. It is a hidden heaven you shouldn’t miss. Contact us now and reserve what will be your memorable trip.