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In many countries summer is the season of holidays meaning schools and universities are closed, making it the best time to travel abroad and have some adventure and fun. On the other hand, the boiling hot weather forces us to choose cooler and mountainous countries.

Well, Iran as one of the mountainous countries has 2 ranges and the highest volcanic mountain in Asia can be a perfect Summer Destination for every tourist with any taste.

If you have chosen to travel to Iran as a summer holiday vacation, we suggest you omit Southern cities and Deserts because of the warm weather.

Here are my suggestions for Best Summer Destinations in Iran: Hamedan, Ardabil, Gilan, and Tabriz.

Let’s read more about their visiting sites and climate.

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Hamedan is located in the Midwest part of Iran and at the foothills of Alvand Mountain (with the height of 3574 meters), making it cool at summers and one of the best summer destinations in Iran. Hamedan has many recreational and historical visiting sites to help you experience your Memorable trip. In Hamedan, you can visit the biggest water cave in the world (Ali Sadr Cave) and explore it with a paddleboat or you can pay your respect to the world's greatest medicine also known as the father of modern medicine, Avicenna in his mausoleum.

If you are interested in Natural attractions my number one recommendation in Hamedan is Mishan plain. In this heaven, you can feel the true nature with clean air and stay in "Panahgah Mishan” at night. If you are a fan of climbing, you can climb Alvand mountain from the Mishan Plain or if you want you can go to the peak by Tele cabin.    

Mishan plain  


Located in the northwest part of Iran, Ardabil is 1500 meters above the sea level and to the east of a 4811 meters' height mountain, Sabalan mount. For these matters, Ardabil is considered as one of the coldest countries in Iran. As the number two list of our Best summer destinations of Iran, Ardabil has also a UNESCO world heritage site too (Ardabil Shrine).

Standing only 25 kilometers away from Ardabil, the Sareyn population rises to %120 percent in summers. Sareyn is famous for Sareyn spring. The Sareyn spring contains Sulphur Particles that are believed to be good for bones and joints.   

Sareyn spring

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Top 7 Iran UNESCO world heritage Sites

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Gilan has the heaviest rainfall in Iran in summers and is humid. Being surrounded by jungles, this province is my favorite Iran summer destination. If you plan to travel to this province I recommend choosing small group tours to Iran and camp in the middle of trees.

Rudkhan castle is a site you mustn’t miss when you visit Gilan. Rudkhan castle is a stone and brick fortress built by the Talyshs in the Sassanid era to protect Iran from Arab invaders. Besides its own beauty, the main way to the Rudkhan castle passes from the middle of the trees making it heavenly beautiful.     

Rudkhan castle


This metropolitan with a cool climate and five-star hotels attract many youngster tourists in summers. There are some tips you should pay attention to before traveling to Tabriz such as their language. In Tabriz people speak in Azarbiyejani not Persian, for more tips you can visit our Iran Travel Guide page.

Tabriz has many spectacular visiting sights such as Tabriz Bazaar, Blue mosque, Qajar museum, and Kandovan village.


Kandovan village as one of the best summer destinations in Iran is famous for its volcanic shaped rock houses that were built nearly 700 years ago and still some people live inside them. There is also a hotel built by the same volcanic rocky structure of the village that you can spend the night in.


As you can see Iran Is a good destination for your summer trip. If you are interested in traveling to Iran, the Gapa Tour company can help you in this manner. Our professional staff are always ready to help you. If you have any question you can contact us.