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Food and drinks in Iran

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Delicious food and drinks in Iran

If you are coming to Iran, you should know that Iran is the land of flavors. It is not possible to go down a street and do not see Iranian restaurants. Iranian food habits are so vast and there is combination of many countries. If you want to have a memorable trip to Iran, you should know foods and drinks in Iran as well.

Here we are going to start by introducing you the type of food you will have in Iran. Iranian foods are various in types and it there are also so many regional Iranian cuisine. There are some types which is stew and we call them Khoresh. There are different types of Khoresh in Iran which Qorme Sabzi, Gheime and Bademjan is 3 kinds of most favorable ones in Iran. Also there are some special soups which we name them as Ash. Thy are so delicious and nutrient.  Also among all Persian food, there is kebab which is the crown jewel and one of the most delightful thing you can ever taste. There are so many food and drinks in Iran but here we want to introduce you different type of Kebabs and Khoresh and then we will go to drinks.

Chelo Kebab Koobideh😋

When it comes to Iranian food, Kebab Koobideh is a signature and most famous one for locals and even international tourists. Chelo Kebab has different types but normally it is cooked by ground lamb or beef with grated onions. It is also consisting of cooked saffroned Persian rice.

In old bazaar tradition, the rice and accompaniment are served firstly and it is immediately followed by kebabs. Another thing which you can eat with your dish is ground sumac which is a kind of spice and it is optional but it makes chelo kebab more delicious.

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Chelo Joojeh Kebab😋

Another kind of kebab which is baked by chicken, olive oil and saffron. In this kind of Kebab different parts of chicken can be used, such as breast and wings or thighs. In different restaurants you can find it with bone or boneless. When it is boneless normally it is cooked by chicken breast. Joojeh Kebab is also served with Iranian rice as well.

Shishlik or Shish Kebab😋

Shashlik or shish kebab is one of the most popular type of kebabs in different parts of Asia, eastern and southern Europe and it is also knowing with the same name. the point is this kind of kebab is different in Iranian restaurant from those who are located in other countries. In Iran, shashlik is made by lamb ribs and it is normally marinated with saffron, chopped onions and lemon to make it tender. It is in six pieces and you can enjoy your meal with Iranian rice or without it.

You should know that Iranian kebabs are the most favorable foods that you can eat in Iran. If you want to have the best of them, you should go to restaurants which are the most famous ones and maybe the oldest ones because they will serve you the best.

heartThe crown jewel of food and drinks in Iran is Qorme Sabzi with Doughheart

Qorme Sabzi is the Persian herbs stew. There are so many recipes for Qorme Sabzi which we are not going to discuss about them we only want to make you familiar with this tradition food. Different seasonings are used to flavor Qorme Sabzi and they are doing well by making this food one of the most amazing ones in Iran, the most important seasoning which is used for Qorme Sabzi is dried lime. If dried lime is not available and you cannot find them, you can also use verjuice and sour orange juice to sour the taste of Qorme Sabzi.

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One types of drinks in Iran is dough which is made by yogurt and other water with a little mint. This is a drink which Iranian people are drinking with their food. You can see that you can have the best vacation among food and drinks in Iran.

Normally there are Iranian cuisine which can make the food in their kitchens rather than in restaurants. If you are going to have any food in Iran, you may like to taste the Iranian cuisine as well which is also known as Persian cuisine. If you are going to visit Iran do not forget to taste Iranian cuisine as well.

You should also know that there are so many delicious food and drinks in Iran which are specifically served in celebration in Iran. If you are coming to Iran and you are going to a party, you should know that mainly you are going to be presented with Iranian Chelo Morgh which is chicken and rice and also Kebab. Mostly Iran tour packages also have dinner, Lunch and mainly the breakfast, too. But even if they don’t, there are so many places and restaurant which you can go and enjoy your meal.

Drinks in Iran

Iran also has so many drinks. One of the most favorable one among people is Tea. As you know Persian tea is famous all over the world. Among the others we can introduce your sherbets which are made by sugar, herbal juices and water.

iranian drinks

Nothing can be better than a good sherbet in hot summer days. Also we told you about dough which is another drink in Iran. You should know that drinks in Iran are nonalcoholic and you cannot find any of this type in Iran. Also the meats here are Halal, the term you may search to know about it. If you have any question about Iran tours, you can ask us in Gapatour. You can travel all over Iran with our travel agency and there are so many amazing things we are going to show you. If you have a plane to come to Iran you can also tell us and we can consult you about great places where you can visit, be with us in Gapa tour.