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When we plan to travel to other countries and visit exciting new sites, a visa to that country is the first step of that plan. And Iran as an Asian country is no exception from others. If Iran is your desired destination in the coming holiday, you should already know that getting a tourist visa to Iran has different ways and sometimes it will become a little bit confusing.  In this article, Gapa Tour will give you a brief info about everything you need to know about Iran visa, Including Iran Visa fees for each country.

If you follow this article line by line and apply online the way we explained down, the Iran visa process will become easy for you.

What type of visa do you want to apply for?

According to your goal of Visiting Iran, Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues a type of visa. For example, due to the purpose of your Iran trip, you might have to apply for a Tourist visa, Diplomatic visa, Temporary work visa, Pilgrims visa, press visa, Transit visa, Entry visa, Investment visa, Medical visa, Education visa, and even Marital visa. Each of these types has its requirements. But let's get back to our main discussion which relates to Tourist visa, first of all, let's check Iran tourist visa requirements. There are two ways to apply for an Iran visa. The first option is to fill the Iran visa application form online and easily obtain it on your arrival at the airport. The second and easier way is to apply for it with the help of an Iran travel agency and let them do all the process for you. Gapa Tour Company will be more than happy to help you in this manner and the process will be free if you choose one of our packages.  

Getting Iran visa on the arrival at the airport is available for most countries except the US, UK, Canada, Israel, Somalia, Bangladesh, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka.

There are also some countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Syria, Armenia, Venezuela, Serbia, and Bolivia that don’t need an Iran visa for visiting Iran. All they have to do is to get an entry permit at Iran borders.

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