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Alisadr Cave

4.5 out of 5

Iran tours have many majestic and unique sites to visit. Alisadr cave is the world’s biggest water cave and located in Hamedan city. The cave is entered at the side of a hill called SARI GHIYEH which also includes two other caves called SARAB and SOBASHI, each 7 and 11 kilometers from Ali Sadr Cave. Apparently, the water in Ali Sadr cave stems from a spring in Sarab. If you visit Iran during spring or summer is good time to visit HAMEDAN and the cave. The cave walls can extend up to 40 meters high, and it contains several large, deep lakes. The cave has a river flowing through it and most travel through the cave system is done by boat. Excavations and archeological studies of the cave have led to the discovery of ancient artworks, jugs and pitchers dating back to 12,000 years ago. Animals, hunting scenes and bows and arrows are depicted on the walls and passages of the exit section.